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The Mystery Island Volcano Plot was a logic puzzle plot that lasted from September 23 until October 18, 2003. Taking place almost entirely on Mystery Island, users were tasked with saving the kidnapped Island elders and stopping the evil shaman Tura-Kepek from awakening Moltenus.

Plot summary[edit]

The plot kicked off when it was discovered that the Tiki Tack Man had been kidnapped, followed by the Techo Master shortly after. Around this time, Eithne appeared at the entrance to the volcano and stopped anyone from going near it, apparently under the direct order from Fyora. The next two victims to disappear were the Island Mystic and the Tiki Tour Guide.

The fifth to disappear was Jhuidah. Users following the plot so far found a tiny Jhuidah trapped in a fish bowl at the Rock Pool and used past clues to mix up a potion and free her. Supplied by information from the grateful Faerie, the sinister nature of the disappearances was revealed: each elder was the guardian of a seal keeping back a monster that lurked in the volcano.

Once the other missing elders were located, the spell to stop the seal from being broken was known. However, instead of stopping the monstrous Moltenus, it freed him. Now under the direct control of Tura-Kepek, Moltenus first swallowed Eithne then began to attack anyone entering the volcano. Following some timely wisdom from the Techo Master, a final chant was devised to weaken the shaman. With Tura-Kepek at last vanquished in a final puff of smoke, Moltenus quietly went back into the belly of the volcano and Mystery Island was saved.


Prizes were given out depending on the speed of completion. These prizes included a trophy and some Mystery Island -themed items. Three avatars were also given as well:

  • Free Jhuidah - Awarded to those who managed to free Jhuidah from the Rock Pool before she freed herself.
  • Volcano Faerie - Awarded to the first 100 people to complete the Volcano Mystery.
  • I Saved Mystery Island - Awarded to the first 10,000 people to complete the Volcano Mystery.

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