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The Court Dancer as shown in the Gallery of Evil.

The Court Dancer is a beautiful Brown Aisha, introduced on February 19, 2004. The daughter of the witch Morguss, The Court Dancer's beauty is an illusion, and is in reality a Darigan Aisha as revealed by Lisha when she dispelled the illusion. Having disappeared after the second war between Meridell and Darigan Citadel, her current whereabouts are unknown.

Plot Summary[edit]

Battle for Meridell[edit]

Main Article: Battle for Meridell

The Court Dancer was sent as a gift to King Skarl from Lord Kass, and the moment she started dancing she had him and the whole castle under her spell, preventing Jeran and his army from receiving reinforcements. When the Kass army attacked the outskirts of Meridell, she put a spell under the villagers Jeran was trying to protect, turning them into zombies, forcing him to retreat. When The Court Dancer returned to dance for King Skarl, Lisha saw through her disguise and used an anti-illusionary spell which revealed her true Darigan self, breaking the spell she held over King Skarl who immediately called Meridell to arms and fight against Lord Kass.

Better Than You[edit]

The Court Dancer has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: July 8, 2010 Oh, hello. You must be part of the Meridell embassy sent to make the new treaty arrangements. Why don't you take a little break and play this enchanting new game? I think you'll find it quite captivating.
Game: Sorcerers' Skirmish
Score: 7,050
Prize: Darigan Ona Plushie


  • As of November 2006, The Court Dancer is featured in 10 different items.
  • Users who enter the Neopian Times sometimes portray The Court Dancer as a good character tricked or framed to help Lord Kass, going by a variety of names other than "The Court Dancer". However, because it's fan fiction none of it can be taken as canon.

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