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This is a list of locations that appear in the role-playing game NeoQuest. NeoQuest is set in Ancient Neopia.


Neopia City[edit]

Neopia City is where the player begins. It is in the north east of the Ancient Neopia. It is the home of Eleus Batrin, Boraxis the Healer, Choras Tillie, Lummock Sendent, and Morax Dorangis. This is where the player can pick up their first sets of armour and alternate basic wands. After retrieving Xantan's Ring, Eleus will be able to craft the player their next wand. If the player returns here with the Rusty Medallion, Eleus will suggest taking it to Gali Yoj in Sunny City.

Swamp Edge City[edit]

Swamp Edge City is in the north west of the Ancient Neopia continent. It is home to Mokti and Leirobas, who will provide you with a Dawnshine Generator Shield or Sorcerous Robe in return for biological samples. It was also the home of Rikti before he became trapped in Dank Cave. Leirobas will also provide a Jewel of Power for Erick in the Temple of Roo to make the player a new weapon.

Sunny City[edit]

Sunny City is set high up in the Techo Mountains in the south west of the continent. The weather is always sunny as it is above the cloud cover. Gali Yoj, Eleus Batrin's former teacher, lives here, and will tell the player about Kal Panning and the Two Rings. She can also clean Rollay Scaleback's medallion so that it may be used against Faleinn.

Kal Panning[edit]

Kal Panning is a city set on an island in the south east of the Ancient Neopia continent. Once prosperous, after the Great Empire split into two factions it was the site of a great battle. The Circle of Twelve laid siege to the city for a month. Both sides used powerful sorcerers against each other, but eventually the Circle of Twelve's wizards cursed their enemy such that the city itself rose up and attacked its people. It left the city as a haunted ruin, infested with its undead citizens, including their leader Faleinn.

When the player first reaches it, it is in ruins. However, once the player has defeated Faleinn, it is restored to its former splendour, and Faleinn herself returns as a ghost and explains how Jahbal was deposed and sealed in the Two Rings. By defeating her, the player obtains the key needed to enter the Two Rings and complete the game.


Dank Cave[edit]

Dank Cave is north west of Neopia City. It has four levels. Rikti has been trapped on the second level, and tells the player of Xantan the Foul, the monster who resides on the fourth. The player uses Xantan's ring to obtain a superior weapon from Eleus Batrin.

Jungle Ruins[edit]

The Jungle Ruins are south east of Neopia City. Centuries ago, it was a biological research lab, where Korabric's team used magic to analyse and create life. They created the jungle which eventually overgrew the facility. It is overrun with monsters, including a tribe of pygmies the scholars had brought in to study. Korabric and his team were able to contain the pygmies until one of the scholars - Rollay - went mad and started using the research to his own ends, creating an army of lizards in the caves underneath the building.

The only original members of the team left in the ruins are Korabric - who locked himself at the top of the Ruins' tower - and Rollay - who since his experiments began has mutated himself into a lizard-man, and is found on the lowest basement of the building. There are also two pygmy bosses - Kreai and Gors the Mighty - in the basement levels above Rollay.

Scattered about the Ruins there are three members of an archaeological expedition - Margoreth, he pupil Tylix, and their expedition leader Denethrir. Denethrir resides in the library on the first floor of the Ruins' tower, which is free from monsters, where he studies the Gaia Wands. Also on Rollay's level is Pomanna, a Kiko who came to the Ruins in time to see Rollay building his hoards.

Techo Caves[edit]

The Techo Caves is a warren of tunnels that run through the Techo Mountains in the south west of Neopia. They permit access to Sunny City and the Mountain Fortress, and allow passage to the south east part of the continent. Mr. Irgo resides near the beginning of the caves, and can build the player new armour in returns to black market body parts obtained off the monsters in the cave.

There are seven caves, only one of which is a dead end.

Mountain Fortress[edit]

Located in the Techo Mountains, Mountain Fortress has five halls, with a boss in each one. Each boss - Elemental Guardians - is associated with a different element of magic. They drop the most powerful weapons in the game when defeated, however the player can proceed to Kal Panning and the Two Rings without obtaining them. Clockwise from north, the bosses in the Fortress are the Guardian of Spectral Magic, the Guardian of Life Magic, the Guardian of Ice Magic, the Guardian of Fire Magic, and the Guardian of Shock Magic.

The monsters who roam this area also provide the final armour upgrade in the game.

Temple of Roo[edit]

The Temple of Roo is a two-story building in the centre of the Desert of Roo, in the west of the continent. It is home to Erick, who went mad after being trapped in the Temple, and on the second level, the Archmagus of Roo, a Blumaroo wizard boss. Erick can build the player a new weapon with help from Leirobas. An adventurer called Udalin Stonebreaker was here.

Two Rings[edit]

The Two Rings is an hourglass shaped mountain valley sealed by the Circle of Twelve with a spell. There only way into the valley is through a magically locked door in a tunnel at the south of the valley, the key to which is in the possession of Faleinn. The doorway is watched by the The Gate Keeper, a title that has been passed down through the generations. The doorway only allows people into the valley, they cannot leave.

During the time of the Great Empire, Jahbal lead the Circle of Twelve against Kal Panning when the city revolted against his rule. After the city was cursed and the siege ended, the other members of the Circle saw the error of their ways and decided to banish Jahbal. Jahbal got wind of their treachery, however, and escaped to the Two Rings Palace at the northern end of the valley. Unwilling to fight Jahbal on his own terms as they believed he could be hoarding magical artifacts in the palace, they instead cast the spell that shut the valley off from the rest of the world, turning Jahbal's safehouse into a prison.

Over time, Jahbal was able to extended his magical influence through the spell, and although he still couldn't leave, he was able to begin creating monsters outside of the valley and sent them to kill the Council Members of the cities of Neopia. Eventually, he produced so many monsters from his prison that the entire world was over-run and the Empire crumbled.

Two Rings Castle[edit]

This is the final dungeon in the game, containing Jahbal's most powerful minions, all of which are Chias. The Palace has three levels, but monsters only appear on the lower two. The top level holds Jahbal, the final boss of a Normal game. On the Evil difficulty, after fighting Jahbal the player immediately encounters Mastermind, and on iNsAnE difficulty, after fighting Mastermind, the player immediately encounters Xantan Reborn.