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Meridell's Yooyuball team is all about "speed", and is said to be described with that one word. Their superior conditioning allows them to wear down opponents with a relentless flurry of cuts and screens from the opening face-off until the end of a game. Their speed, however, masks the fact they aren't the most accurate or powerful shooters.

They began the 2006 tournament as one of the odds-on favourites to win, having run circles around Maraqua in the first round, but "smashed their head on into a brick wall" when they faced Darigan's defence in Round Two, finishing 17th. In 2007 Meridell fans hoped the replacement of reviled Left Forward Vitri Sitol with swift scorer Gregorgio Maille will not only give the team a much needed offensive boost, but also help improve their standing among fans around Neopia.

When the team in fact did worse, the demanding fans wanted more change, so Sir Pollonaire Freidl was replaced by Yoris Obbles. This was just the boost they needed, finishing 5th overall in 2008. Needless to say expectations were high for Team Meridell in Altador Cup V, but they were a disappointment, finishing 11th overall. Although in 2010, they fought with Roo Island for the final spot in the finals, but just fell short, entering the playoffs in 5th place, and leaving in 8th.

Altador Cup VI was very similar for the Meridell team. Again, they fell just short of first tier to end the round-robin in 5th. However, they managed to defeat both Terror Mountain and Tyrannia to secure 5th place, the best they've done since Altador Cup III.

As a team hungry for victory, this team was a favorite to win going into Altador Cup VII. However, with the new format of gameplay, it was debatable as they have gone without a roster change for the 4th straight year. However, their strength was hardly matched, especially in the second and fourth rounds, where 5 out of the 6 matches were sweeps. Hardly any teams were able to counter the Meridellian's strengths in Yooyuball, with only Kiko Lake, Kreludor, Mystery Island, and Brightvale avoiding a defeat in that event. However, they lacked a same power as Kreludor and fell in a tiebreaker match against Mystery Island for 2nd, which they lost, placing them in 3rd.


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Team positions are as follows (Team Captain indicated in bold):

Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Defender Left Forward Right Forward
2006 Sir Pollonaire Freidl Ilsa Ellits Vitri Sitol "Wizard" Windelle Fiorina
Year Goalkeeper Left Defender Right Forward Centre Defender Centre Forward
2007 Sir Pollonaire Freidl Ilsa Ellits "Wizard" Windelle Gregorgio Maille Fiorina
2008 Yoris Obbles "Wizard" Windelle

Final Standings[edit]

Year Result
2006 7th
2007 8th
2008 5th
2009 11th
2010 8th
2011 5th
2012 3rd


  • Team Meridell is the first team to have had a change in Team Captains. Following that would be Krawk Island, which kept its former Captain until replacing him in 2011.