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SunnyNeo is a fansite of Neopets. Originally an avatar help site, SunnyNeo has branched off into many different facets of Neopets.


One of the largest draws to SunnyNeo is its large and easy to use avatar help database, which explains how to get all the secret avatars, and updates when new ones appear. To accompany the avatars, SunnyNeo created custom neosignatures which compliment the design of each avatar. Custom User Lookups, backgrounds, cursors,etc. have also been created, along with tutorials on how users can make their own, including how and where to host their own images.

One of the more notable features of SunnyNeo is its Neopian Times editorial searchable database, which has compiled all up to date editorial questions placed in the Neopian Times, and is updated with each new issue. Visitors are capable of searching and word or phrase in the search box, and it will bring up all corresponding questions (including images within the question).

Sunnyneo also has a "Fontmakers Wall of Shame" where screenies of users who have stolen their fonts are shown. A page about the "The Bonju Project" is also a feature that Sunnyneo has, showing many theories and combinations in trying to obtain the avatar. Since the Bonju avatar has been discovered, Sunnyneo has a page about "The Edna Project".


  • SunnyNeo has incorporated a major font site called MindlessInvalid of, which was closing due to server costs.

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