Spirit of the Ruins

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The Spirit of the Ruins is an evil spirit which wanders the ruins of Qasala.

Plot summaries[edit]

Lost Desert Plot[edit]

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Neopets Puzzle Adventure[edit]

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Spirit of the Ruins

Ruinspirit.gif n/a
Difficulty: 50 Arena: Rattling Cauldron
Starting HP: 50 Released: October 18, 2005
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Found by:
Opponent during the Lost Desert Plot

Weapons Used
Spirit Smoke Sword Attack: 2×2 Water  3×3 Air  3×3 Darkness  1 - 2×1 - 2 Physical 
Tiki Bomb Attack: 5×5 Earth  5×5 Fire  1 - 5×1 - 5 Physical  (Once per battle)
Umbrella Shield Defence: All×All Water  3×3 Air  2 - 5×2 - 5 Earth 
Spirit of the Ruins Claw Attack: 3×3 Light  1 - 3×1 - 3 Physical 


  • A drink called Spirit Of The Ruins Fizz in the shape of the Spirit's head is available to buy from Qasalan Delights.

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