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The Fountain Faerie as seen in the Rainbow Fountain Card NeoDeck image.

Naia, also known as the Fountain Faerie, is a Water Faerie who runs the Rainbow Fountain found in Faerieland. She is sometimes unofficially referred to as the Rainbow Faerie because of her affiliation with the Rainbow Fountain.

Fountain Faerie Quest[edit]

Main Article: Rainbow Fountain

The Fountain Faerie is capable of giving a Faerie Quest (sometimes referred to as FFQ), which is rarer than normal Faerie Quests. Like other Faerie Quests, the only way to receive it is through a Random Event. The items she asks for are completely random, and have an item rarity between 94 - 96, making them usually expensive (depending on the item). As a reward for completing the quest, the Fountain Faerie will allow a user to paint one Neopet almost any colour (8-Bit, Ice, Magma, MSP, Quiguki, Robot, Royal, Sponge, and Usuki are not available).

Until a Fountain Faerie quest is completed, the Rainbow Fountain will not work for the user, and once completed, the user can visit any time they wish, and the Rainbow Fountain will still work (but it may only be used once). Because of the rising cost of Paint Brushes, the Fountain Faerie is seen as a cheaper option to change the colour of a Neopet, making her quests highly desirable by users.

Fountain Faerie vs. Uber Water Faerie[edit]

The Fountain Faerie as seen in a Faerie Quest...
...And the Water Faerie.

Due to the Fountain Faerie's appearance in the Faerie Quests, she is often confused with the Uber Water Faerie quests, with users expecting to receive prizes from the Fountain Faerie when completing a Uber Water Faerie quest, and vice versa. The following differences have been collected for users to tell the difference between the faeries and their quests...

Fountain Faerie Uber Water Faerie
Appearance Blue streaks in her hair, blue make-up, and is sitting on her tail, wears bracelet. Draped in pearls and surrounded with bubbles.
Quest Asks for almost any item of any item type, with the item rarity always between 94 - 96 Only asks for books with a rarity under 69.
Reward Allows the user one use of the Rainbow Fountain Increases a random Neopet's defence by two points (may be random)


  • As of August 2007, The Fountain Faerie is featured in 3 different items.
  • How to Draw tutorial for the Fountain Faerie was released on September 20, 2007.
  • Naia is named after the Naiads, nymphs who presided over bodies of fresh water such as streams, wells, and fountains.

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