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 Post subject: Haunted Woods Plot Walkthrough (Last upd: Nov 20, 8:30P NST)
PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 4:18 am 
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Non-Flash version of comic (by Artisticka):
This petpage shows excellent images:


* Please make sure all your posts are coherent, and that you have spelledall words to the best of your ability. Also, please try to use correct grammar.

* Please keep all posts on topic. If you would like to speak to someone personally or offtopic, PM them.
* Do not double post. If you were the last to post and you want to add more, please use the "edit" button in the top right of each of your posts.
* Do NOT post long links that STRETCH the page.

NOTE: There is a seperate location your Quest items are stored at, the Quest Inventory. It is accessible from Neovia and presumably cannot be stolen/traded/etc.

1. Click on the burned down house (lower right part of Neovia), you will need to search the remains of the building for a Charred Locket. There seems to be 10 different places it can be hidden in (one is randomly determined for you). As you hover across the image, look at your status bar for the coordinates your cursor is at (at the end of the link, there is a ? followed by a pair of coordinates).

Chair: 67, 201
Fireplace: 80, 135
Couch End: 147, 218
Bookcase: 150, 115
Wall Crack: 175, 145
Sofa Couch: 186, 186
Broken Stair: 210, 130
Broken Boards: 235, 232
Pillow Spring: 308, 199
Table Leg: 364, 195

2. Once you have found the locket, (Don't forget to actually click the button to take it!) Gilly will be able to talk to the following people:
Leroy (Coconut Shy), Lyanka (Cork Gun), Harker (Bagatelle), Sydney (Scratch Cards).
Simply scroll down beyond the game activity to see the conversation. If you cannot see it and you have the Locket in your inventory (check) then try playing one of the games or clear your cache/refresh the pages.

Look for the following Key words in the conversation, and note the locations you found them:
A) "Why, certainly, little miss..."
B) "Amazing! I haven't seen such metalwork..."
C) "That piece of junk?"
D) "It looks familiar..."

And Revisit those places in the order listed! If done correctly, an extra piece of conversation by Gilly should come up:
"Well, it's clear no one around here is going to help me. I wonder if there might be someone deeper in the woods who could identify this locket. "

3. Return to Neovia and you can now access the Shack. Read the next chapter to the comic. (Note that you will no longer have the locket in your inventory) Return to the Shack and you will see a new option to flee. You are now in the Damp Cave. Click the "Go into the scary cave..." button, and.. you will be in a Damp Cave.

4. This cave consists of 9 rooms in a 3x3 pattern. Each cave is unique to each person! Note the items that you come across while going through the cave, you can pick up some of them!
** The Trunk and Table CANNOT be picked up
** The Lamp Post, Key, Chair, Broken Mirror, Rotten Food (from the Trash Pile) CAN.

Note that you can only pick up one thing at a time.

While you traverse the cave, there is something that will scary Gilly off. If you are scared off, you will flee to a random section of the cave (but nothing will have resetted) In order to avoid this you need to put down Rotten Food when you get the "Something seems to be following you..." message. The creature will eat it and slink away.

Go find a cave room that has a moonlit area (there may be more than one room) Place the items in the following spots:

* Garbage: 330, 325
* Mirror: 240, 330
* Lamppost: 240, 215
* Chair: 235, 160 (or alternatively try 225, 155)

When all 4 items are simultaneously in the moonlit room, you will be able to see the "monster" that is scaring you... It's Bruno!!

5. After reading the next comic and seeing a heartfelt reunion, you will now need to go searching in the woods. Return to the Shack to access the woods.

You will need to go through the woods by clicking through the windy trails. Find the two-headed Hissis first. You need to figure out who is lying, in order to help you, you need to be on the look out for a Stick. (You wont be able to find it until you find the Hissis first!) The stick will be on the bottom part of the screen and should be quite obvious. Once you find the stick, return to this Hissis.

Select the stick from your inventory (click the panel with the arrow in the bottom-right corner of your screen) and poke the Hissi. You wil now be able to take the path that they block, which will lead you to the High Woods. If you hit a section of the forest that has no paths, you've found a dead end. You will need to start over by going back to the Shack.

When in the High Woods, you now need to collect vines. There are 5 types of vines that can be picked up from the ground (like how you found the stick from before). When you open up the inventory (bottom right corner) you will see a tally of vines.

If you want to see the name of the vines, click the "View Quest Inventories" link. You can remove vines from your inventory by selecting them and then clicking on the ground.

Pick up all the vines you can find (should be 6 of each, 30 total) and go back to the clearing (a big opening without a path or tree in the middle of the screen) and try and click the opening (the "sky"). If you are hopelessly lost, try using this petpage to assist you in mapping out the woods.

You will recieve a message as to whether or not what you have is enough. It seems that the values required are pretty random. Suggestable starting points are: 6-6-4-2-0, 3-4-4-2-0. Change the number of vines on hand and retry until you go to a cutscene with the cliff. Once there, you will get a helpful hint of what you need to do. The first link below demonstrates what these hints may mean.

Still stuck on the vines? Try these methods before posting!

Once you successfully do that, you will now be in The Deep Woods. You will now need to find 7 Ghost Meepits. Traverse through the Woods and try to click a Meepit. You can't get it! Now instead go play a game of Meepit Juice Break and get a score of AT LEAST 300 (complete level 2). Use the PPT guide for this game if you need help. Once you complete this, check in your QUEST INVENTORY for some Meepit Juice.

Return to the woods, select your Meepit Juice from the inventory tab and try and click on a Meepit. (If the juice isn't there, click on a Meepit and let it run away first.) It won't work, but Sophie will turn it into Ghost Meepit juice. Find another Meepit and try again... the Meepit will now stay with you. Continue for all 7 Meepits that are hidden in the woods. Now, find a room with a stone door and 7 lighted spots. Put the Meepits on the lighted spots and move them around until they all dance. A happy Meepit (hands up) indicates that its correct spot is one away from it.

6. Next you need to find out about the Spirit of Slumber. Brain Tree, right? Wrong! Head over to the Game Graveyard, scroll to the bottom, and click on the caretaker's shack. He'll ask you to look for his stolen index book.

...Which can be found by playing Fetch! on Hard. Walk around the maze, and you'll find this book lying on the ground. Pick it up, and you'll be allowed to flee that horrendously tedious game. Now go return to the caretaker!

7. This step is No Longer Possible To Do! Continue to Step 8.
Return to the caretaker, and you can now and choose which Graveyard you would like to look at. Once you have done that you can do one of three things:
(NOTE: If you have chosen to do one task, you cannot do one of the others until you "finish" that task)

a) Dig a gravesite
--> You will need to wait for three other Neopets players to go to the same gravesite as you, and you will need to dig in turn. A small patch of dirt means that the site has been worked on and probably means people are there working on it already. Try going to an untouched gravesite near one that has been dug up. People will probably be around there. Wait until a pinkish box is highlighted over your neopet and click *dig* when that happens. Continue until you dig up the coffin. You may gain items while digging. If you take too long, you can be put on "time-out". You will need to wait a while after you successfully dig up a grave.
(NOTE: If you want to get back to Sophie, you need to physically EXIT the graveyard map by going though the fenced area.)

b) Fetch ingredients for Sophie
--> You will need to get items for Sophie from her SHACK. Unfortunately, you do not know which items are which since they are unlabeled. The following is a list of potions that we know: (# can be found looking at status bar) If you've fail to pick the right potion, you'll need to wait a while before trying again. You will earn 50 NPs for each successful retrieval.

<table><tr><td>* Potion 1: Bagguss Juice<td> <td>* Potion 2: Juppie Extract<td> <td>* Potion 3: Kadoatie Essence<td></tr><tr><td>* Potion 4: Tanglevine Sap<td> <td>* Potion 5: Liquid Chokato Mould<td> <td>* Potion 6: Moonwater<td></tr><tr><td>* Potion 7: Liquid meepit<td> <td>* Potion 8: Alyseth<td> <td>* Potion 9: Bloatershroom Extract<td></tr><tr><td>* Potion 10: Liquified Bumroot<td> <td>* Potion 11: Crushweed juice<td> <td>* Potion 12: Boiled tree bark<td></tr><tr><td>* Potion 13: Worm snot<td> <td>* Potion 14: Soaked Babaa Wool<td> <td>* Potion 15: Spicy Mortogberry<td></tr><tr><td>* Potion 16: Jurple butter<td> <td>* Potion 17: Boiled Meowclops Saliva<td> <td>* Potion 18: Barkroot Dew<td></tr><tr><td>* Potion 19: ?<td> <td>* Potion 20: Grundo Goo<td> <td>* Potion 21: Powdered Bloodfern<td></tr><tr><td>* Potion 22: Pureed sharpgrass<td> <td>* Potion 23: Mutant Gruel<td> <td>* Potion 24: Evaporated Snorkle Juice<td></tr><tr><td>* Potion 25: Ghostbeef Essence<td> <td>* Potion 26: Glowing Zomutt Mucus<td></tr></table>
c) Test bones with the potion.
You will need to take a potion from Sophie (you'll need to be quick, they go fast). After that go to a DUG UP site (on the map, a dug up part with bones visible), and click the button to test the bone. The formula to get the number of drops Looks like it is: 25 * (weight / volume)^2 . The final value is the number of drops (rounded to the nearest whole number)
(For those who need some math guidance: Divide Weight / Volume first. Then square this value (which means to multiply it by itself). Then multiply by 25. If it's not a whole number here, round the number)
If you don't choose the right amount, you'll be too loopy to do it again for a while. Also, when completed, you will need to wait a while before trying again. You will earn 150 NPs for a successful identification.
Also, the bone potion can be returned to Sophie (on the same page you got it from) if you aren't having any luck identifying bones. Use Potion Drops Calculator on Jellyneo if help is needed.

8. Heavenest found the Spirit of Slumber's bones. The above actions cannot be done anymore. If you go around the Haunted Woods, you will get large, orange "Something has Haunted" Random Events, talking about how you disturbed the peace!

9. This step is No Longer Possible To Do! Continue to Step 10.
Read chapter 6 of the comic, and we see that we didn't see what name the bone was buried under! We'll have to go back and search through all the graves. Find a gravestone that does not have a red mark on it (this means no-ones checked on it yet!) Once you have done that, COPY the information you see on the gravestone. Then, return to the caretaker and click the shelves that corresponds to your info. (They are randomly sorted by Month). Then find the name of the gravesite you found and click the name to cross it off from the book.

10. This step is still doable.
The grave marking is done. The last name is Jubart Igig. It might be an anagram. Now, to figure out more, Sophie is going to need to create some potions. Go back to Sophie Shack. This stage is broken up into three parts.
- Stage 1 you have 3 ingredients, and you want to get a purple pot (Try Red -> Green -> Blue -> Purple). The pot will turn bubbly black and overflow if you use 6 items. (You will need to start this stage over)
- Stage 2 you have 4 ingredients, and you want to get a 4-colored pot (Try: Red -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Grey -> Pink -> 4-color). The sequence that you got for Stage 1 doesn't necessarily carry over to Stage 2. Overflow occurs at 8 (?) items.
- Stage 3 you have 5 ingredients, and you want to get a silver-red swirl pot (Try: Red -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Grey -> Pink -> 4-color, -> green/yellow swirl -> Sparkly Purple -> Silver/Red swirl). Overflow occurs at 10 items.
* Note: Each person's ingredients will have UNIQUE color-changing properties. What one person's does likely will not do the same to you. Trial and Error is your friend.
* Note: It's possible to skip over a stage (ex: You can go from Red to Blue), which is perfectly OK.]
* Note: It's also possible that the first three stages may be rearranged. Purple and beyond seem to have a set order. The key point is that you make progress through the list.

11. These steps are No Longer Possible To Do! Continue to Step 14.
Read Chapter 9 of the comic, Gilly is now trapped by gravestones that have come to life. Go to the BATTLEDOME, and you currently have 3 opponents to battle: Ominous Stones, Macabre Stones, Furious Stones.

12. Read Chapter 10, and you will now need to fight various types of trees. Return to the BATTLEDOME to face these opponents: Black Elm, Blathering Beech, Savage Sycamore.

13. Read Chapter 11, and you will now need to fight some zombified townspeople: Herman Dorfdap, Bennie the Jub, Disgruntled Townspeople.
Also, less strong monsters have been introduced to the BD: Shrieking Shadow, Creeping Shadows, Malevolent Shadow.

14. Off to Sophie's lab! This part is very tricky and of course somewhat UNIQUE to each player. Keep these pointers in mind:
* Your Basic Ingredients are located in a link at the top of the page. Click it and it will expand and show you your ingredients that you can use. Note that you can take out from 1 ~ 10 grams.
* You can do up to 4 things to each ingredient: Burn, Crush, Soak, Desiccate. These actions will alter the properties of the ingredients.
* Using an action on a smaller amount will have a faster effect than if done on a larger amount (ex: You can gain +10 for a property faster on a 5g piece than a 10g piece)
* You can have AT MOST, 4 basic ingredients out on your workbench, and AT MOST, 3 in the composites section!
* Do NOT worry about any properties that Sophie does not ask about. It doesn't matter what values they are. Only the ones Sophie asks are important.
* THIS POST has additional extra tips to look at while going through this!
* In addtion THIS PETPAGE and THIS PETPAGE has great details as well!
* To COMBINE something on the workbench to an already created composite, FIRST click the composite. THEN click the "combine" button. [Warning: If you put something on the composite section, you can't combine it with anything else!]
* When COMBINING a composite and an ingredient from the workbench, the QUANTITY(qty) adds, but the properties(prop) are WEIGHTED-AVERAGED... that is:
New Qty = Qty1 + Qty2
New Prop = (Qty1*Prop1 + Qty2*Prop2) / (Qty1 + Qty2)
Of course, note that if Qty1 and Qty2 are the exact same, its nothing more than your usual average of (Prop1 + Prop2) / 2.
- Example: Composite is 10g and Power +20, Ingredient is 7g and Power +30. The Result of combining will be...
New Quantity: 10g + 7g = 17g.
New Weight: [ (10)*(20) + 7*(30) ] / (10 + 7) = 24 (use appropriate rounding rules)

This step is broken up into 4 stages:
A) You will have 3 ingredients to choose from. Sophie needs you to make a composite. This composite has 3 limitations:
Quantity: 5 grams
Relevant property: Power
Target value: +58 +/- 5

- For this stage, you will likely only need ONE ingredient to use. Pick one from the Basic Ingredients list and say that you want to take out 5 grams. The Target value is what you want of the Relevant Property listed above it. The Target Value will have a bolded-green value and a range (+/- #) This means that your final value can be off by that range value. For this example, our final Power Value can be between 53 and 63.

Once you have achieved this value, press the "CREATE NEW COMPOSITE" button.

CHECK again to make sure that the composite satisfies what Sophie is asking for. Once you're sure it fits, click the "Throw it all in the cauldron and see what happens!" Button!

If done correctly, you should see a poor Meowclops becoming furless. If not, you'll see the black-bubbly pot of doom-- and you'll need to try again.

B) You now have FOUR ingredients, and TWO composites to create. Lets throw up another example:
Composite #1:
Quantity: 19 grams
Relevant property: Divination
Target value: +41 +/- 5

Composite #2:
Quantity: 25 grams
Relevant property: Enchantment
Target value: +89 +/- 5
Composite 2 cannot contain more than 10 grams of any one basic ingredient.

Strategy points: For Composite 1, try using the SAME ingredient in order to achieve the Quantity and Target required. (Note, all values will be in reference to the example) Grab 10g of one ingredient, and then 9g of the same. Perform the appropriate actions on these ingredients to achieve the desired target value (36~46 of Divination). Keep in mind, that when combining, the final quantity value is the sum of the two, and the final Attribute value will be a weighted AVERAGE of the two attributes (look at the above pointers for an example of this.) Once set, Create a new Composite, then combine the remaining 9g portion with it (Refresher on how to Combine- Click the composite FIRST, then click the "Combine" button) ** DO NOT Throw this Composite into the pot UNTIL you have your second Composite done!!! **

For Composite 2, note that there is an EXTRA limitation. You cant use more than 10g of a single ingredient! Grab 3 items, 10g worth, from the basic ingredients of your choice. You'll need to now fiddle around with the ingredients in order to achieve the target value. Remember, when you combine things, their target values result in a weighted AVERAGE! Use THIS POST to assist you if you are having trouble. Note that we've taken out 30g worth of ingredients, where (in our example) we only needed 25g. Just as before, make one into a composite, and combine the remaining amount like you have.

When successful, you will see a Bearog-Meowclops mix.

C) You now have SIX ingredients to work with, and TWO requirements. Here is an example:

(ONCE AGAIN, THIS IS AN EXAMPLE -- It seems Composite #1 is the SAME for all, but Composite #2 will VERY LIKELY be DIFFERENT)
Composite #1:

Special: Spectral Essence
Quantity: 25 grams

Composite #2:

Quantity: 12 grams
Relevant property: Conjuring
Target value: +82 +/- 3
Relevant property: Divination
Target value: +83 +/- 3

Composite 2 cannot contain more than 3 grams of any one basic ingredient.

Composite 1 is asking for a special concoction. To make this Spectral Essence do the following:
(Each Action done to the MAX), Then combine them. And voila, Done.

Composite 2 is nothing new to create, except you have more constricting range (+/- is 3 instead of 5) and you have TWO properties to fulfill. It would be best to pick any 4 items of 3g each and play around with those values. Complete the process as you have been doing.

When successful, you'll see a "Dr. Sloth Meowclops".

D) Part 4... yes it continues. Now you've got EIGHT ingredients to use, and THREE composites to make! Can you feel the Excitement? Here's an example:

Composite #1:

Special: Anti-Gravitic Goo
Quantity: 10 grams

Composite #2:

Special: Spectral Essence
Quantity: 23 grams
Relevant property: Conjuring
Target value: +275 +/- 1

Composite #3:

Quantity: 12 grams
Relevant property: Enchantment
Target value: +66 +/- 2
Relevant property: Power
Target value: +102 +/- 2

Composite 3 cannot contain more than 3 grams of any one basic ingredient.

Composite 1, We got it! Wooo. To make this, you will need:
* 4g of Babaa Wool
* 3g of Crushed Jurpleberries
* 3g of Bagguss Pulp
=> BURN and CRUSH all to the MAX.
Composite 2, we know how to make this now. Use the appropriate ingredients to get the target value!
Composite 3, it's just like old times. Get 4 items of 3g each and change their properties until you get the target value! (Note the even tighter range +/-2 now!)

When successful, you'll now get a Picasso-Meowclops

E) Yes... there is a part 5... now with TEN ingredients and THREE composites!

(EXAMPLES. Yours will almost definitely be different!)
Composite #1:

Special: Ice Plasma
Quantity: 10 grams

Composite #2:

Special: Anti-Gravitic Goo
Quantity: 10 grams
Relevant property: Enchantment
Target value: -406 +/- 1
Relevant property: Power
Target value: +151 +/- 1

Composite #3:

Quantity: 5 grams
Relevant property: Divination
Target value: +300 +/- 1
Relevant property: Power
Target value: +300 +/- 1

Composite 3 cannot contain more than 1 grams of any one basic ingredient.

Composite 1: Help us if you have a different one from the example! Post it on a thread.
If you have ICE PLASMA... you can use this:
1g Bumroot: Burn, Crush
1g Sharpgrass: Burn, Crush
1g Nova: Burn, Crush
7g Sharpgrass: Do nothing

If you have PSIONIC SINGULARITY... you can use this:
2 grams Madvine, dessicate 2 seconds
8 grams Nova Essence, do nothing
* Note that 2 seconds is VERY quick. You can alternatively do 4g for 4 seconds, then split to 2g. (or 8g for 8 seconds since proportions are the same!)

If you have PLATINUM MIST... you can use this:
1g sharpgrass, no actions
1g Madvine root, no actions
8g bronze sansam, Burn Crush Soak Dessicate to the max

Composite 2: Use the formula from before and carefully alter the values to get the target values required. IF your values match the example above, this combination works:
4g babaa - crush
2g jurple - burn, crush, soak
2g bagguss - burn, crush, soak, dessicate
2g jurple - crush, soak
(Do each action to the MAX)

Composite 3: We'll need 5 ingredients of 1g each. Note that you can only have 4 ingredients on your workbench at one time! So you'll need to start making a composite in order to make room for the 5th ingredient. Work ahead! This Petpage proves to be very helpful!

15. Off to the Asylum! You can find it in Neovia, near the top of the screen. Or, alternatively we'll give you the lazy way out.

KEEP THIS IN MIND: There are FOUR hallways. Each connected to the Courtyard (which has 4 exits, trees). Each Hallway has ONE special room, ONE exit to the Courtyard, and FOUR which keeps you stuck in the same hallway. The four "special rooms" are: Entrance room (desk), Zomutt room, table/zombied room, and the janitor's closet.

a) In the room you start in, click on the LAMPPOST on the left (it's the slanted one. On the right side of the desk, click the notes. One of those will be Journal Page 4
b) Go roam around and try to find the room with the Zomutt. Click on the page next to it (it's Journal Page 1).
c) Now try to find the room with the Table/Zombies. Attack them with your lamppost by clicking on a zombie. You can now pick up a page (Page 3) and click on the dead-janitor's pocket to pick up a Shiny Key (Gold Colored).
d) Now try to find the Janitor's room, with a dead scientist on the floor. Click the scientist's pocket to get a Rusty Key(silver colored) and Page 2. Then open up the lock by clicking on it [Make sure you have the Shiny key first!]. Read the note on the closet. Open the closet then take the shovel.
e) Go to the courtyard, and click on the patch of leaves. (It's in the top patch of green, bottom right corner of it). You've uncovered a bone! Click on the bone to pick it up
f) Return to the room with the Zomutt and click on him. You'll give him the bone. You can now click the jail-cell doors.
g) Click the new jail-cells and find one which has a journal page under it. Get the Journal Page (Page 5) and then click the door.

16. Read the next chapter of the plot... then go to Neovia to get a random event saying you can fight Mayor Thumburt. Now, go to the Battledome to participate in this "BOSS BATTLE". While battling keep this in mind, YOU WILL NOT WIN!! This is a team effort battle. Every time we attack, his HP will go down. Constantly attack and lose, and eventually the HP will bottom out to 0. Remember, YOU WONT WIN!

17. Read the FINAL chapter of the plot... Once done, go try and visit the story-telling elephant at the edge of Haunted woods... Then go to Neovia to see a revitalized Neovia!

Any mistakes/additions should be PM'd to a Moderator to get this up quick!

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