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Issue 32

"You'll never get the king's location from me, Wickednessa!" said Superpudding, fighting off a barrage of magical toast.


"You haven't even seen half of what I can do, Superpudding! You'd better have another pudding mix in your utility belt!" Wickednessa raged as she launched some soft butter in Superpudding's general direction.


Through a miracle of preparedness worthy of Spider-man, Superpudding did have another pudding mix in her utility belt. But how could she distract Wickednessa long enough to mix some ammo? With every cell, she wished that she could figure out a solution. She pointed behind Wickednessa. "Look! Petpets!"


Wickednessa squealed with delight, spinning around quickly on her heels, a quick scan of the background proved that there were no cute little Meepits to be found! "Curses! Tricked again!"


Superpudding looked up, pointing her newly-recharged weapon at Wickednessa. "Doing the math, you've got two choices. We can both be heroes, have snacks together, and obey orders. Or, you can wander cyberspace forever covered in pudding. I prefer the former option, but it's your choice."


Wickednessa's stomach grumbles loudly, "Snacks, or pudding bath.... snacks... pudding bath...." You could see the indecisiveness on her face. "Pudd--no wait...snacks!" Wickednessa pulls out a piece of toast as a kitten purrs by. "Lizzie! Have some toast!"


"Yay! I knew you wouldn't stay evil long, Nessa. I mean, you're not like one of those villains in summer movies. Let's go eat a feast worthy of a fairy tale!"


Skipping along with Superpudding, Wickednessa peered into the sky and saw Kym, the heavily-muscled defender of truth, justice, and the internet way, fly towards a burning building. "Look, trouble ahead!"


"I hope this fire doesn't burn the fabric of reality!"


The end.