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Issue 31

Nessa wipes the sweat from her brow, "Who's riding on the ferris wheel with me? I feel pros and cons about going by myself after they redid it."


"I'd rather pick crystalline flowers," said Pudding.


"Hey, where'd Lila go, I thought she was asking us about morals."


Pudding shrugged. "Probably to go play some game with Harry Potter."


Nessa pointed to a nearby speaker, "is that the newest episode of that radio drama I hear?"


"What's that one about? I keep meaning to listen to it, but I keep putting off turning on my radio until it's over."


"I told you that learning how to speak Nimmo was a bad idea, now you can't focus on anything!"


"Oh, you're always telling me what not to do."


"Ok I'm sorry for thinking that making up complicated number systems that are supposedly easier is a bad idea!"


"I just wish you'd realize that I still have fun learning these crazy things! It's like a game to me!"


"Did I just lose this argument?"


"Is a kitsune a Japanese fox?"


"Is that a rhetorical question?"


"Oh, let's just go get a funnel cake!"