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Issue 30

"We never should've followed that white rabbit, Ness," said Pudding.


"Yeah, but how many times in your life do you get to actually go into a dark hole without fear?"


"Well, I'm going to be afraid of dark holes for the rest of my life now, so I guess it's only once. Nothing makes sense here!"


"Nothing makes a lot of sense! Just think about nothing, now does it make sense? Truthfully tell me!" Nessa rambled out, tripping on her tongue while shuffling a deck of cards.


"When you think about it, nothing really does make sense!" Pudding said with a far-off look in her eye. "But this bottle that says 'Drink Me' and this Pink Ink issue that says 'Read Me' are kind of confusing. Since when do Pink Ink issues talk?"


Nessa replied, "Well, we did go down this dark hole...maybe we're in China where everything forwards is backwards and right is left, and newspapers really do talk!"


"I thought that Australia was the one where there was a total inversion of direction. That would explain all of these koalas that keep bothering us."


"Oh yeah...I thought they were like white or something, but these are blue. Weird."


"Maybe we should just go home and publish an issue. Clicking your heels three times gets you out of Australia, right?" asked Pudding, staring wide-eyed at the bizarre fauna.


"Either that or it changes your toes into fingers. I don't remember the formula very well, I should've written it down when Madam Morrible told us all those years ago."


"Well, here goes nothing..."