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Issue 3

Welcome to our third issue of Pink Ink, that surprizingly enough, we finished ahead of time! Yes folks, you heard me right, we finished this issue on Saturday.


Oh, if you want to contribute to us (which we'd really appreciate!), feel free to PM something you've written, a comic you've drawn, or anything suitable to be published, to one of our staff members. A length criteria for articles would be roughly one page on Microsoft Word, but remember, it's the quality that counts. The staff page will be coming soon, so sit tight. (Yes, I did steal that from the last issue :P)


A few of the things in this issue are a look at BotS (Battle of the Sexes), an interesting photo taken by an anonymous photographer, and an interview with an artist. There's much more than that, of course, but you'll have to read it yourself to figure out what.


Oh, and hope everyone had a happy Turkey Day, for those in the US. :)