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Issue 29

Nessa rustles through her desk, mindlessly throwing articles around in search of the elusive Letters to the Editors. "Oh great, look, we managed to get Matt's chemistry homework instead of his Godori article."


Pudding sighs. "Well, he's one of the white hats. We can't exactly complain about such a good guy."


"Yeah I know, I just hope his final grade isn't depending on this homework. Hey did we ever get our horoscope research from MaDam?"


"No idea. I've been afflicted with March Madness for so long that I'm having trouble remembering what goes in this issue."


"While you're busy slobbering over a basketball score, the rest of us have things to do, like express affection in 50 different ways!"


"You weren't complaining about things when I was making toast with you! You ought to respect my hobbies more!"


"Toast doesn't bring out the fanatics quite like basketball does! Its apples and oranges! You're just too addicted to Solitaire to understand."


"And you're always vegging out and talking about cheesecake! I don't think you've been off the couch since Valentine's Day!"


Nessa sighs while lowering her head, landing with a big thud on the desk. "Ok I realize I've been a bit of a slouch lately, but haven't I made up for that with that article about Kenya?"


"I guess so. I've been helpful by answering all those letters we get, haven't I? I'm hardly a bad friend."


As Nessa lifted her head to talk to Pudding again an article stuck to her forehead. "Oh for crying out loud, we're not letting any more food through that door! I'm so tired of - wait a minute, does this say what I think it says?"


"Depends. Do you think it says MySpace is evil or that it's a picture of a semicircle?"


Reaching up Nessa pulled the slightly sticky paper from her forehead and passed it to Pudding, "Read the article number at the top."


"It's number 600! I do believe that it is time for a celebration!"


"I concur! Is there any more chocolate peppermint cheesecake left?"


"It's still in the fridge in the game room!"


"Well what are we waiting for! lets get going, this can wait until later."


"It's time to submit to the party time feeling!"


"Yeah just lemme check the comment / submissions box before we go, I want to start getting stuff ready for next issue."


"Oh, honestly. Does the word 'party' mean nothing to you? We can be responsible tomorrow!"


" 'Party' means lots to me. Fun, silly, crazy, wonderful. I guess you're right, lets just go."