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Issue 28

"Oh, hey! Great to see you! Welcome to the Pink Ink Partystravaganza!" says Pudding, answering the door.


"Is that the lemon delivery people Pudding? I need my citrus fix!" says Nessa, poking her head into the foyer.


"No! It’s a reader! We've got the Go! Go! Go! game set up, right?"


"Yeah, Matt’s getting it set up in the library right now—I think they're discussing their favorite books, so it’s taking longer."


"Great! Oh, is Dawnonica Mars here yet, Ness?" Pudding looks back at you. "She's great; I’ll have to introduce you to her tonight."


"She was earlier...but it started to snow so she ran to get her coat out of the car before it got too cold. She might be in there waiting for Lost to start though." Nessa turns back to look into the living room, "Oh, I guess they're just watching a really bad sequel."


"Bummer. Well, at least Professor Internet's not talking everyone's ears off tonight, yet. Why do we keep inviting that guy?"


"We stopped inviting him months ago, he just shows up now." Nessa says, seeming a little irritated. "He just loves to give everyone random unfounded advice from some weird relative of his."


"He keeps it all anonymous, so it might as well be him. Heck, it could be anybody. Maybe we should ask this 'Anonymous' person how to get rid of party crashers!"


Nessa chuckles a little. "Pudding, you say the darndest things! Oh, that reminds me: did anyone see what the Stephens sisters are wearing?! Someone should give them a dressing for dummies book."


"Yeah, it looks like they decided what to wear by committee. They must be freezing in this weather. Still, they do say the darndest things!" said Pudding.


"Oh, speaking of darndest things! Guess what someone did in the kitchen earlier today, I'm still grossed out."


"Do I want to know? This isn't going to be like the time you tried to get me to act out National Lampoon scenes, is it, Ness?"


"Haha! That was so much fun: admit it! But anyways, no. I was sitting at the counter reading that Segacorn’s Jewel book you always leave around, and Matt was showing his magic tricks to Twizzler, and all the sudden Lillie came in and started daring someone to eat a worm!"


"Wow, what got into Lillie? Was she suffering through the fourth time through NeoQuest, or bummed about TV being on hiatus, or something?"


"I think she was just trying to figure out who was a hero, because heroes looove worms. Mmm, protein. Yewuck."


"There's a flaw in her logic somewhere, but I'm going to go around all smiley for the rest of tonight from hearing that."


"That might be the last smile you have for a while after you read about the Dictator of Computer Systems."


"I'm green just thinking about that. Should I even ask, or will that put my mental state in further jeopardy?"


"I think we all gave up on your mental health after you listed 'swim in a pool of green jello' as a new years resolution."


Pudding rolls her eyes. You start to wonder if they’re ever going to let you in. "I intend to keep that one. Doing crazy things involving desserts is kind of my signature style, you know?"


"Hmm...that is a rather good poi—oh gosh, Pudding! You've left our guests standing at the door in the cold! How could you be so rude?"


Pudding does a doubletake. "Oh, man! I'm so sorry! Come in, come in! We've got loads of stuff planned for this party, and the ones coming up. Just...have a cup of tea to warm up and make yourself comfortable!"


Nessa rushes back into the kitchen to gather some mugs and puts some water on the stove to boil. "My word—where are our manners tonight? Well, I hope you enjoy the festivities planned even though you can't feel your fingers!"