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Issue 21

Welcome to a later-than-usual issue of PI. Two weeks late, in fact. Well, now that school's started, we're running a little short on help and submissions. If you want PI to come out every two weeks, send stuff to us (that would be Xil, SpiraLethe, or Yoshi) or give us a few ideas!


Nonetheless, this issue does feature quite a bit of member feedback. But before I get into that, please go look in the Art section and behold what is the coolest thing ever. EVER.


Anyway, the member feedback. This issue we've got the quizbowl, the MOTW, the crossword, the quotes, the advice column, and a curious resulting article from an excuses contest. Go check 'em all out.


We've also got two very cool Neopets game guides (hey, it's more than normal!) plus your news, the continuation of Drowning Kingdom, and little more. Just a little. Here's a hint, go look at the title of the issue.


Now go look in the art section, then go look around everywhere else. :D