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Issue 18

Welcome to another issue of PI! I'm sure you're all curious about the application results, but hold your horses, I have to go through what's in this issue first. :P


We've crammed together some great stuff- but first off, there's the birthday that seemed to be forgotten last give a 3-week late birthday cheer for Lady Night!


Also, we've got many new article series starting, if you want to call it that. A bi-weekly crossword, a new story-series in Articles, Yukio's crazy mind, and an article which you could say is the PPT equivalent of VH1's Behind the Music...except it's not about music. And of course, some of your usual favourites, including a heat-sickened Anonymous doing the advice column.


And go guess on that MOTW again, of course! Remember, if you want to send a submission to us, PM Yoshi, Xil, or SpiraLethe at the forums!


Now, for the moment most of you have been waiting staffies! Ski, Tinkerbell, Mandy, meowth1982, DM was on fire!, and Anubis have all been selected to join our team; congrats to them! We were wowed by the applications this time. If you didn't get accepted, don't be discouraged to try next time. :)


So get reading!