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Issue 14

Downtime again! Issue delayed again!


Shame this newspaper doesn't have a headline section. :P Anyway, this issue was almost completely prepared right before the downtime, so we apologise if anything seems outdated, just like last issue. It's also been a tough time getting things together and trying to pick up off of two and a half weeks ago- thus the irregular release date, and several missing icons (which we're really sorry about!).


We've got an eclectic mix this issue- a recipe for tuna, answers to questions you've probably never bothered to answer yourself, your favourites return (although a couple weeks old, you won't notice, haha), and we have two advice columns...hmm. Perhaps it has something to do with a flashback? Go look around to find out. ;)


We'd also like to wish happy belated birthdays to SpiraLethe, Igg, and Starchaser!