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Issue 13

Well, we're back, after that dreadful downtime! First of all, Happy Mother's Day. We're sorry we don't have any Mother's Day articles in this issue- it's been quite hectic since PPT went back up. We do hope that all those moms out there can enjoy this day- and perhaps everyday! But go get the pampering while it lasts. :P


We've got all your favourites returning this time around- however, do note that the majority of these articles were written before the downtime, so please don't mind any "outdatedness" that you see. Anyways, you can look forward to another edition of quotes, 25 ways to serve up the PPT mascot, new series starting in the Articles section, your normally bi-weekly fix of Miscellaneous section articles, and much more!


We'd also like to wish a good 14 to Sock and 17 to Matt. Well, we wanted to two weeks ago, but now is fine too, ne? :P


So go and read the issue now!