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Issue 11

Welcome to another issue of PI! But before I get to this issue's content, there's two big things to talk about...


First, The Spotlight. It was in last issue, but we need some more replies before we can publish another one, so help us out here!


Secondly, writer applications are now over! Without further ado...xjox, Twinkle, Twizzler0171, jellyoflight, Matt, and sir_michael have been chosen to join our team! Congrats go to those six- you'll see some of their application articles in this issue and the coming issue, as well as new material in issues to come.


Remember, if you wish to submit stuff or have a serious interest in joining our team, PM either SpiraLethe, Xil, or Yoshi, and we'll give you all the details.


In this issue, you'll also see a comic from another of our new staffies, a little bit on Easter, various entertainment reviews, another anonymous photographer attack, the bi-weekly quotes and advice column, and so much more! Now...go get reading! :D


(There will also be something really big coming up in a following issue...stay tuned!)