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War *Huh!* What is it good for?!

Written by: Xil

As you all know (unless you've been under a rock, in a cave at the bottom of the sea), the War for Terror Mountains and the riches beneath has been raging on for nearly two weeks. Hundreds of pets have been left hurt and ill with the accursed Hoochie Coochies, and even more lie dormant, while their owners go off to sell their weapons. This war has created even more of an impact on the economic structure of Neopia. With one enemy, Neopians everywhere managed to go ape mad and drive the price of a curative that could once be purchased for 300NP to nearly 30,000NP. In addition, the price of apples saw an increase of 10NP. Speaking of apples, I shall now eat mine!

In addition to that, this war has shown us the new ways in which battling can exist. Instead of having static enemies continually showing up one by one, they have changed it so that we go round by round and sometimes enemies disappear. This allowed for the challengers to coincide with the storyline very well. The whole opposing sides thing of war is also relative to apples and the old as time battle over red and green.

At current time, the score for Hannah is 6,698,784 *cheers* and those pesky thieves have 4,466,607 *boos* It's clear that we Hannah supporters are kicking some royal thief tushy, so lets keep it up! Just like me awesome granny smith is kicking bu--...wait...wheres my apple?

This plot has also revealed some very interesting plot lines to us all. It has now become apparent that the theme of this is deception, with thieves tricking thieves and Hannah saving Boris and Armin looking just so gosh darn CUTE! It has become clear that we won't be as failed as we were in the last plot. Did you take my apple? Cae? WAS IT YOU?!

In addition to the War, the plot, the free puppies, the new puzzle game, and The Guild of Thieves' Dinner has excited Neopians everywhere. Who had the steak platter? Who hid the million? Who ate my apple?! These are all questions which we are expected to answer for this new plot. Good luck to everyone on it.

No...seriously...who ate my apple?!