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The Great Cosmetic Shopping Spree

Written by: ellamcumber

Scanning the shelves, I look at price tags and brand names,

Always watching for something that may be of some interest to me,

Lip plumping, long lasting, illuminating and matte,

'Make others look like a shame!' one can read off of a pallete,

I wondered which I should buy on my cosmetic shopping spree...

Confusion as I searched for with my eyes that see,

Eye liner, foundation, powder or even nail varnish!


'Try our new self tanner miss' an assistant exclaimed, 'It will leave your skin glowing with a healthy golden tarnish'

'How much?' is the question I bewildered and make them wonder,

Searching and checking and double checking as they all blundered,

I wait patiently while eying a wonder.

Gaultier, Dior, Lv and Chanel,

'This place has some high end stuff!' I thought

You could definitely tell...

'Fifty two dirhams for this wonderful product madame' said the assistant who returned with the bottle,

'GAK! way too expensive! My wallet will have a knot I will-'

'-But it is now half price and is being sold at a pleasant 16.'

I smile, knowing that it will be in the bag going home with me...

She then goes on to ask 'Do have any preferred brands ma'am?'

'Why yes! I do! Do have any Bourjois on hand?'

'This way' she said heading to a counter,

It being filled to the brim with wonderful products; water, smudge and crease proof some read,

Just looking at the selection, Hell, I'm having a banter!

I couldn't let the fun take over me though,

I had a budget you see,

And it being the end of the day,

I needed to the cash for so.

'What will you be needing, madame?'

I drooled and stared in awe of what I beheld,

'Try the anti-fatigue foundation, it is a tinted moisturizer and it being new, it has special pricing'

Personally I couldn't give a damn.

Not hearing a single word of what I was being told,

I grabbed a tester for the foundation and spread it on my skin as if it were a cake and icing,

'Perfect! It matches and does me some good' I said,

'Now I hope I have enough cash left to buy some others' I prayed.

'How about some mascara? Try this one from Bourjois as well'

She handed me a bottle with French printed on,

It may be cute-looking but there was the chance that it could be beauty hell,

I tested it, careful not to make a fool of myself if done wrong,

It glided on like a dream, making my eyes beam,

Thick full lashes, with no clumps!

Hell this time had let me be,

This item is definitely for me.

Tanner, foundation, mascara, what else?

Making a list in my brain I noted:



Eyeshadow and Nails

'Eep! I need more if my makeup bag is to be complete!'

I rustled and bustled and checked the amount of cash I toted,

'Phew! I still have enough!' though that was not the same thought for the pain in my feet...

'Anything else you would like to add?' the shop clerk asked,

'Why yes, I need lip gloss, eyeshadow and nail varnish, but something natural and pretty, not a mask!'

'Same brand?' she questioned,

Looking at the Adidas handbag I held in my hands,

'Of course same brand,' I said and I beckoned,

Once done here I must get shuffled, jeans, t-shirts, and socks

Oh what a bustle...

The clerk goes on to say,

'We have a very natural lip colour in stock, I think of you as corals and nudes, is that right?'

She handed me a tester for a stunning lip colour, it is natural and complete,

I'll certainly take it, 'You definitely know what I like!'

I know that from this spree my wallet had depleted, and would simply wither away into nothingness,

For beauty and self esteem I must! It is a way of life!

And we women would not care for ourselves if we did not strive

It is certainly what separates us from men,

Who do not bathe or brush because because they are not benign.

Eyeshadow and nail colour I still hunted for in this cosmetic jungle,

I chose to find the eyes first,

For what would I be if I didn't have an eye for a shadow for the eye?

Cream, powder and pressed, what a choice!

Evening, day time, oh what should I choose?

'What would you recommend for a busy athlete on the go' I asked,

'We do have a waterproof cream shadow, that is easy to apply and certainly is not a hard task,

we have it running under a fountain so then you can see,

the waterproof power that are the ingredients that will not let be!'

She was right to say, the colour did not budge,

'This is the range' handing me a pamphlet listing all the colours of the rainbow,

'Can I see this colour please?' I was certainly willing to judge,

'Certainly' she said, smiling happily,

I was probably the only customer who had wanted her help,

Passing a tube to me, I couldn't help but think that it was very piddly,

'Does it come in a bigger size?'

'Why yes, it does, but see this is the tester.'

I said 'Oh, alright, see I thought this was the size that you would buy.'

Testing its colour, it glided on, compared to other shadows it certainly was better.

Tanner, foundation, mascara and concealer,

Lip gloss, eyeshadow and all for me the dealer,

Nails was final, and a kit was what I needed.

The amazing counter that held all Bourjois now certainly looked depleted,

'You said you needed something for nails am I right?' asked the clerk,

'Yes, my nails are in need of help' I said thinking back to the many times they had broken,

Chlorine from the pool was surely for them a token!

'I have just the thing, and I'm sure you will love it, just wait here one moment', she said before walking past a guy who had been absorbing my beauty rays,

Staring and looking and staring again; what a jerk.

'This should do wonders for you' she mentioned before handing a small box to me,

'What is it?' I questioned, I certainly had every right to,

'It is a special nail care kit by Bourjois and is now a very hard to find product so use it wisely'

'Alright I'll trust you on this one.' I actually wanted to shout out Wo0ho0!

So off to the counter I strided,

Counting and adding, making sure I had enough to pay for all the items,

Yes, that is what I did.

Scanning and packing,

And handing them money,

And then simply walking turning to walk away,

And I simply couldn't keep away from the bowl of little bite' ems,

That were also scattered on a tray,

I reached out and took three,

Smiling and thanking the lady who had helped me,

Then popping a sweet caramel candy into my mouth,

I just simply and stylishly, walked out.

ellamcumber is stylish and smells deliciously of caramels.

Pudding recently learned that "fard" is another word for putting on makeup. She has been looking for an opportunity to use it.

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