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The Plan

Written by: DM and Light

Last month, Ocean's 13 came out. Next month, The Bourne Ultimatum will arrive in theatres. We were inspired by these movies, to write our own heist movie. Enjoy.

It is a cool summer night in Paris. Couples are strolling down the Champs-Élysées, and artists and writers alike are gathering in cafes, waiting for inspiration to hit them. Though all seems peaceful, little do they know that a heist is about to take place.

Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Paris, France

Terminal 2

If you were present at that moment, all you would notice is a bunch of mad travelers (as the flight was delayed for 2 hours) rushing out of the gate to either meet their family or their boss, catch another flight, or see the sights. Of course, there were a few that ran straight into the Duty Free store.

However, if you looked carefully, you would see two individuals calmly walking out of the gate behind the others. One individual was a male and the other was a female. He wore a black pinstripe suit, dark sunglasses, and a pair of RBKs. The female wore a black dress, a sunhat, dark sunglasses, a pair of Pumas, and she carried a Canon Powershot digital camera. To any ordinary visitor, these people would appear to be normal: a businessman and a tourist with a camera. But, they were the complete opposite. The man's phone began to ring. As it rang, his female friend glanced at him.


"You know where the meeting place is, right?" the voice on the other end asked.

"But of course," the man replied.

"Good. Are you at the airport?"


"Meet us at the cafe."

"Got it." They hung up.

"Let's go," the man told his accomplice.

They rushed out of the terminal and ran across the street to the Starbucks coffee shop. There was a narrow space of open sky, between the airport and the coffee shop, the rest was covered up by tall high-rise buildings.

They noticed another man in a suit, but they couldn't tell whether it was the man they were looking for. So they did the secret code: THE HOKEY POKEY! Although it captured many Parisian's attention, they managed to figure out that the man in the suit was exactly who he they thought he was.

"Hello, Deep Throat," the pinstripe suit man said.

"Hello, Little Abe and Miss Muffet," the mysterious man repiled.

"Do you have the blueprints?" the female accomplice asked.

"I do, now you know your mission, right?"

"Of course we do. Must you ask?" she replied. As a Starbucks attendant approached their table, they quickly changed the subject to the Cannes Film Festival.

"What shall we have today?" the attendant asked.

"A frappucino please, for each of us," the mysterious man replied. At this time, I would like to take the time to introduce the characters to you.

Mr. Damon - portrayed by Matt Damon, the male accomplice

Mrs. Damon - portrayed by Angelina Jolie, the female accomplice

The Boss - portrayed by Mark Wahlburg, the mysterious man

After they had finished their frappucinos, they left the cafe. The Boss went one way; and the couple went straight to their hotel, to get ready for the Heist.

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Light spent some time on Wikipedia, before writing this.

DM was on fire! only knows 3 words. JOSH. JOSH and JOSH. She also edited this article. There's a first time for everything -- literally.

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