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Banner Banter

Written by: Xil's Brother (RubberDucky)

A day ago I was in a chat room with other Neopians. They were complaining about the new layout, I knew what they were feeling, but I had to say something against their cruel words.

It must have been a bit under a week ago that Neopets was supposedly ruined. Now, if all of you keep track of the new happenings on -and in- the Neo-scene, you'll know what I’m talking about. For those of you who don't, here goes: THE BANNER AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. At first glance you must have had a similar reaction to mine -phoning all of your friends and family to tell them your horrendous conclusion that Neopets was ruined. Retrospectively, it was a pretty horrendous assumption, but how were we to know?

The Neopets Team, as we all know, has had a pretty bad record of changing things without warning and annoying a lot of people. I mean a lot. But this time was different. Well, kinda different. Things were changed, and many people got annoyed to say the least. But, we all had due warning.

First of all, there's the obvious. Neopets has about 87.5 million accounts on its servers, and about 125 million pets. On top of that, they get a minimum 20,000 page views at any given moment. Running costs for those servers must add up really quickly. Sure they had sponsor advertising already, but with those numbers always on the up, a little box at the side of the page wasn't going to cut it anymore. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want a pop-up to appear while I'm restocking an ultra-rare mega-million item.

Now you might say something about the other banner that was there; the better looking, less bulky, nicer banner. If this is the case, I'll take responsibility of reminding you of all of the glitches and slow loading that was experienced with it. Anyone still remember actually liking now? I know I don't.

Now someone may ask, 'Why do we need it? Why?' Here’s a list of ‘becauses’ to answer your 'why.' Because of the Advent Calendar held each festive season. Because of your sweet pet that you put so much time into. Because of the heavily addicting activity of calling everyone on the Newbie board 'New Member.' Because of the good feeling you have when you get a Codestone from a random event. Because of the sense of accomplishment that you get when your first million(s) are shown in your bank account. Just to name a few...

It shouldn’t be that hard for us to put aside our banner banters and give kudos to the Neopets team for doing what they did, for doing what they did for us.

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