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From Small To Big To Huge To...

Written by: the_mongoose2020

Neopets has been quoted as having one of the largest sites visited on the Internet, but how long will this keep up for? You all know about fads like Pokemon, Game boys, and yes, even the Slinky, but well, they all slowly faded out of the picture and newer and bigger things replaced them. As some members on Neopets are now leaving due to the new banners and other things like glitches and what not. It is a question of mine how long Neopets will last? Will it be two years, three years, five, ten, or maybe it'll one of those stupid lawsuits. No one knows for sure but right now there may be signs of foreshadowing that we may be passing up. Take for instance the McDonalds-Australian incident. Because of it, now Australian users can't play luck/chance games. Another possible sign is that of all the unfair frozen accounts that have been getting increasingly worse as time has gone on, and that of the lack of communication between Neopets and its members.

While these all may be signs of Neopets downfall, is there any chance it will go on, forever? On the other hand, Neopets may just turn out to be the Yahoo or AOL of online activity. Is it possible that Neopets may go on to bigger and better things that even we can't imagine? Maybe a movie? Or television show? Or even a whole television network? We have seen this happen to things like Pokemon, but even that has started to go out of popularity. I some times wonder if Neopets may become so popular it well, may just turn out to be the Microsoft of the Internet.

For all of these questions I'll leave them up to you, but you may just never know. Maybe somewhere down the road, you may just be seeing, MSNNeopets. You never know, and sometimes you just can't predict these things.

Manager's note: Please keep in mind that this is an opinionated article- it is not a representation of the views of the staff of the Pink Ink nor PPT as a whole.