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Written by: teddymon

Hello! How is everyone fairing these days? Making lots of neopoints, I hope. If we don't keep up the economy then it will collapse and crush all of those that were under it at the time of the fall. Then we can steal their neopoints while they're crushed. Don't I have a wonderful mind? Maybe I should get started on the news before I get dragged away again...


Cheeseroller - Cheesy

Pirate Poogle - *insert pirate noises here*

Skeith - Heads (Double or Nothing)


For the amount of time since the last article, you'd think there would be a whoopload lot more, eh?

Pet Colours

Royal Lupe (male and female versions)

Checkered Techo

Strawberry Techo

Chocolate Ruki

Chocolate Skeith (I wonder if it eats itself?)

Strawberry Zafara

Camouflage Poogle

Grey Poogle

Pirate Skeith

Split Skeith

Desert Kiko

Maraquan Zafara

Split Shoyru

Glowing Hissi

Silver Grarrl

Royal Grarrl (male and female versions)

Ice Hissi (give it a Snowickle and go to the Snowager and...get blasted anyway. :P)

Mutant Skeith

A lot of really nice colours done. My favourite is probably the Ice Hissi. What's yours? Wait, don't tell me. No, I'm not going to guess, I just can't hear you.


Lots to add here. Let's see. Word Pyramid is another dictionary using game. It's pretty much just Spell Or Starve with triangles, but since I'm not really an avid player of either I couldn't tell you any other differences. Faerie Cloud Racers has been updated. You can now only play as faeries, and specific ones at that (as in the super-duper uber named faeries). New clouds and everything. And obstacles. I hate those obstacles. Pterattack has also had a makeover. Now it doesn't look like a green dot. Yay! Finally, there is an updated Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars. It's the same controls and such, I think the graphics and store were just updated.


There isn't really much to mention besides the plot. Yup, lots of that plot. The Annual Chocolate Ball was held as well. Didn't they have a super-lot-of-money give-a-way on that a few years back? Why don't they do that anymore? Dangit! I want free chocolate!

Anywho, that's enough of me and my chocolate ranting. And although this won't be released until after my Thanksgiving anyway, Happy Turkey Day to all you Canadians! ^_^