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Evil Fuzzles Making a Comeback!

Written by: Meowth1982

Just when you thought they couldn't update anymore games, The Neopets Team comes back with another surprise! Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars has finally been updated after years of sorely needing it. The graphics are smoother, the game runs much faster, but that does make it a bit harder.

In the last game, no matter what speed computer you were on, it seemed that the game ran fairly slowly. I'm not sure if this is because of the way the game was created or just the nature of the game itself, but the speed in the revamp makes the game much more challenging!

The fuzzles come out in several different colors. Red is the most basic fuzzle, one shot and it's gone. Then there's yellow, shooting a yellow fuzzle will turn it red, then you will be able to destroy it. After this, on the third level, is green, requiring three direct hits to kill. Brown shows up on the fourth level, requiring four hits to kill. On the fifth level is electric blue, requiring 5 hits to kill. This continues on as the levels get higher.

Something most people don't consider that seems to be a factor in my Evil Fuzzle deaths this time around is needing to shoot the mines. These things are extremely damaging to your hull! If you can shoot them, do so, but if it's between a mine and a fuzzle, get the fuzzle. Ultimately fuzzles will do much more damage to you than a mine will, but don't ignore the mines either!

Bonuses! Bonuses seem to be much harder to get in this game for some reason, possibly because it moves so fast. Once you hit so many fuzzles in a row, there will be a little box that says something such as 23x3. Shoot it! This gives you an automatic 69 virtucreds to use in the store. This, unfortunately, is another under utilized part of the game. Keep an eye out for it, and keep an eye at how close you are to the station. You don't want to miss out on getting it because you miss judged your distance!

Finally, the Virtucreds store. You've got droids, guns, radars, shields, hull repair, smart bombs and stun bombs. Personally? I've never used the bombs. But they can come in handy for you if you want to use them! The Radar comes in handy as well, showing where the fuzzles are coming from when they're at your sides. Use B and N to look left and right respectively. The best thing you can do however, is buy a droid (which heals your hull slowly) and upgrade your guns! This will help in the higher levels as it takes less shots to kill your higher fuzzles with a higher gun. Don't be afraid to save your Virtucreds either, you don't have to spend them as soon as you get them. Let them burn a hole in your pocket!

I'm personally very impressed with the upgrades in this game. It doesn't seem to different, except the graphics are pretty amazing, and the speed makes it much more challenging.

I give the remake of Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars 4 out of 5 Meowth golden coins!