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This walkthrough will cover 3 parts: The skill point selection, the plot, and the strategies for each boss. Also, this walkthrough is only for Normal mode, so your strategy might change in Evil or Insane mode. Credits to User:A Neezles A for helping out.

Skill Point Selection[edit]

First of all, do not max out on any skill. Get no more than 13 points for any attack skill and 11 points for any innate skill because in the end of the game the weapons and armour will provide bonus skill points. Do not spend skill points after level 52 until you defeat King Terask for the first time as well, because you'll need to spend the skill points wisely for fighting him the second time. The information below shows how many points you should have for each skill after level 52.


  • Critical Attacks: This skill is very useful, especially at the end when fighitng King Terask. Get 13 points for this skill.
  • Damage Increase: An essential skill for Rohane. Get 13 points for this.
  • Combat Focus: Not a useful skill because Rohane has the most HP for the group and doesn't need extra defense, because it makes you attack with less power with the focus. Don't spend points here.
  • Stunning Strikes: Another very useful skill. Spend 11 points on it.
  • Battle Taunt: Not useful in most situations, but could be useful when fighting King Terask. 1 point should be enough in the section before King Terask.
  • Innate Magic Resistance: Not too useful because after you get Velm, Velm could cast Group Shields to increase everyone's magic resistance. 2 points should be enough.
  • Innate Melee Haste: Haste is essential. Spend 11 points.


  • Direct Damage: It's usually tough to decide whether to get this or Group Direct Damage, but this skill is usually considered better than Group Direct Damage because it takes less time for Mipsy to cast this and it does more damage to a single enemy (100HP) than GDD (64HP). Choose one of them, but avoid choosing both. Spend 13 points for either one of them. IMPORTANT NOTE: GDD is harder to resist than DD.
  • Group Direct Damage: See Direct Damage.
  • Group Haste: An essential skill when you want to fight monsters faster and avoid wasting money on haste potions. Get 12 points for this.
  • Slowing: Not very effective because it slows down enemies only one at a time, unlike Group Haste, and can be easily resisted. Don't get this skill. For bosses, use slowing potions instead.
  • Damage Shields: Not highly useful because the damage shields don't give the opponents lots of damage, but it's a good bonus skill after spending your other skill points. Spend 8 points here.
  • Innate Melee Defense: Very important skill for Mipsy because she has the lowest HP out of the group. Spend 7 points here. 2nd Opinion - spend 15 points here.
  • Innate Casting Haste: Haste is essential. Spend 11 points.


  • Increased Bow Damage: An essential skill. Spend 13 points for this.
  • Multiple Targets: Not highly useful because the multiple targets option is only available once every 15 seconds or so. But it's not a bad skill, so spend 11 points here.
  • Ranged Attacks: Not a useful skill throughout most of the game but is useful when you reach the final boss, King Terask II. Don't spend much of this skill in the beginning; 2 points should be enough, but you should add more later after defeating King Terask I.
  • Shockwave: A fairly useful skill. Spend 12 points.
  • Slowing Strike: No, no, no, no, NO! The maximum amount an enemy could by slowed is FIVE PERCENT! Don't bother wasting skill points on this.
  • Innate Magic Resistance: Again, just like Rohane, not too useful because after you get Velm, Velm could cast Group Shields to increase everyone's magic resistance. 2 points should be enough.
  • Innate Melee Haste: Haste is essential. Spend 11 points.


  • Healing: Don't spend skill points here because Group Healing is much better.
  • Group Healing: This is a very important and essential skill, because when maxed out, it can heal as much as 90HP for each member of the group. Spend 13 points.
  • Group Shielding: A very important skill because it can provide lots of magic resistance and defense for the group. Spend 13 points.
  • Mesmerization: Not highly useful, but could be slightly useful when fighting monsters, where you can mesmerize the healer to destroy all the other monsters first. 4 points should be enough.
  • Celestial Hammer: Not a useful skill because it does low damage and the stun is easily resisted, so you might as well use Velm's melee attack instead. Don't spend points here.
  • Innate Melee Defense: Very important skill, especially because of the fact that Velm is a healer and you can't afford him to be killed. Spend 10 points here.
  • Innate Casting Haste: Haste is essential. Spend 11 points.


Chapter 1[edit]

  • 1. You start out in Trestin-- go out of the town, and before you kill any monsters, lose to a plains lupe by doing nothing for 5 seconds in the battle until you lose. This will get you the an avatar.
  • 2. Leave the town again and use hunting travel to kill monsters. Remember, whenever you need to heal, you can simply go back to Mother for free rest.
  • 3. (optional) When you get to level 4, head north into the Dark Caves. Keep walking until you reach the Miner Foreman. Fight him when you reach Level 5. After defeating him, use the teleportation orb under where the foreman was to get back to the entrance of the cave.
  • 4. Cross the land bridget and head southeast to White River Town, to stock up. Buy 10-15 Blast Potions (you'll need them for fighting Zombom, 20 on InSaNe! mode)
  • 5. Hunt in the Northern Marches outside of White River and heal as needed by returning to Horxas the blue Tonu at White River.
  • 6. When you get to level 8-9, go through the Ringing Hills > Foothill Forest > Mountain Path until you find the Underground Cave. The cave leads you to the Lost Island, which shows you the entrance to the Mysterious Tower. Enter the tower, and go to the fourth floor to fight Zombom. Make sure you're at least Level 10-11, or he'll be very tough to beat. Keep using blast potions and heal as necessary.
  • 7. After defeating him, use the teleportation orb to get back to Lost Island. Start walking in the cave until you see the entrance. Repeat the same route you got to the Mysterious Tower and go back to White River.
  • 8. Go through the bridge. Rest at Horxas' inn-- there's now a discounted price at only 25 gp. In White River South, first stock up at the new merchant, Sildairm and then get Mipsy, your first companion. Walk out of White River and into the newly introduced Meridell South.
  • 9. Continue heading south-west until you reach Eye of Meridell > Town of Lakeside. Buy new weapons and stock up on resurrection potions now, which you shouldn't do in later chapters when they become very expensive. Also, NEVER buy new wands for Mipsy, since she doesn't do any melee attack, but you should by defence weapons.
  • 10. After that, head north-east when you reach an opening in the forest, and head west to talk to the hermit, Potraddo, who will give you a code-- you need it to get past the gates of Phorofor.
  • 11. Afterwards, leave the city and start hunting. When you reach level 13-14, head east to the Trackless Wastes > Lost City of Phorofor.
  • 12. Go into the lost city of Phorofor. Talk to the withered ghost to get past the gates of Phorofor and head south-east until you reach the sand grundo. Defeat the Sand Grundo, and use the teleportation orb to get into Tower on the Hill.
  • 13. Head down the tower, and be careful of Mipsy's health because the wockies there are very resistant to Mipsy's magic and they gang up on Mipsy. If you die here, you'll have to go back to Lakeside. However, you do not need to re-open the gates.
  • 14. After you leave the tower, go east to the town of Seaside to buy new weapons and potions. Before you buy anything, talk to Uthare and then Uthyni by going northeast of the town, so you'll get a 10% discount on all potions.
  • 15. Leave the town and go southwest to Meridell Castle to fight Ramtor. He'll flee after you halve his hitpoints. He should be no sweat with a damage potion and DD/GDD.
  • 16. Train until you get to level 16-18 and head northwest to Ramtor's Tower to fight him for the second time. When you get to him you should be at Level 19. After defeating him you'll be transported to Terror Mountain, and you'll get a cutscene to watch.

Chapter 2[edit]

  • 1. Before going to the town of Chia Oscuro, head further east to enter the cave and fight Leximp.
  • 2. After defeating Leximp, head back west to the town. Now you can understand the Chias' language, and they offer a free inn. So it's a good idea to hunt near the town until level 21-22.
  • 3. Head east and go through the Caves of Terror. After going through the cave, there should be an inn to the north.
  • 4. Go to the inn and pick up Talinia. Hunt around the inn until you get to level 23-24.
  • 5. Head northwest to defeat Kolvars. Afterwards, go south to enter Happy Valley.
  • 6. If you want a discount, before buying anything in Happy Valley, talk to Jualie, then go southwest to find the missing kid, Niacha. After that, everything in the town will be sold at a discount price.
  • 7. Go east and you should reach the Adventurer's escarpment, which is a free inn. Hunt around there until you get to level 27-28.
  • 8. Enter the Lost Caves. Go up the Lost Caves until you reach the mountain top.
  • 9. Fight and defeat Scuzzy. You should be around level 29 when you fight him. After defeating him you'll be transported to Lost Desert, and you'll receive a new cutscene.

Chapter 3[edit]

    1. You are now in Sakhmet City. Go to one of the tents and stock up on potions, and hunt until you get to level 31. Resting in the inn is not necessary because the rooms are fairly expensive and you already have more than enough potions.
    2. Head east to Temple of the Sky. Go through the two levels and fight Siliclast, when you reach level 32. He should be fairly difficult so be careful.

Boss Strategy[edit]

Note: The recommended potions are the recommended potions used for the battle, and they do NOT include healing potions.

Chapter 1[edit]

Miner Foreman[edit]

  • HP: 50
  • Abilities: None
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Recommended Level: 5
  • Recommended Potions: Flare Potion

The Miner Foreman shouldn't be difficult to defeat, so it's recommended to fight him even though he's optional. Just make sure you are fully stocked on healing vials. If you have money to spare you can also buy 5-10 Flare potions to make the battle faster. Just make sure you heal whenever Rohane's health is in the red, and you should win easily.


  • HP: 120
  • Abilities: 31HP Direct Damage, 18% Haste, 40HP Heal
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Recommended Level: 11
  • Recommended Potions: Blast Potion

Make sure you're fully stocked on Healing Vials, Healing Flasks, and at least 10 Blast Potions. He can do up to 31 damage in 1 turn and he's faster than you, so he can have up to 2 consecutive turns. So you have to really keep an eye out on Rohane's health, and healing is recommended when your health is lower than 50HP. He can heal, but fortunately, he doesn't heal too often.

Sand Grundo[edit]

  • HP: 130
  • Abilities: Critical Attack
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Recommended Level: 14
  • Recommended Potions: None necessary

He should be relatively easy to defeat, now that you have Mipsy. Damage potions shouldn't even be necessary, with Mipsy's powerful attacks. Keep an eye out for Mipsy's health because he can hit hard and gangs on Mipsy. Heal when Mipsy's health is below 35. Still though, it should be a fairly quick battle.

Ramtor (first time)[edit]

  • HP: 200 (only need to halve this amount)
  • Abilities: 18% Haste, Mesmerization, 43HP Direct Damage, 70HP Heal
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Recommended Level: 16
  • Recommended Potions: None necessary

Since you only need to halve his hitpoints, he should be very easy to defeat. You could defeat him lower than Level 16 if you want. Damage potions and haste potions shouldn't even be necessary. Save those for when you fight him for the second time.

Ramtor (second time)[edit]

  • HP: 200
  • Abilities: 18% Haste, Mesmerization, 43HP Direct Damage, 70HP Heal
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Recommended Level: 19
  • Recommended Potions: Acceleration Potion, Dawdling Potion

When you fight him this time, it'll be more difficult than the first time, since you need to finish the fight rather than to halve his HP. Make sure you have 5 haste potions (you need some here, and the rest for fighting Leximp later on). He can hit with lots of damage, so keep an eye out on the group's health (especially Mipsy) and heal when your health is lower than 43. Damage potions are useful, but are not completely necessary and can be resisted. Even when he mesmerizes a group member you can still defeat him, and the battle just take slightly longer, but not much more difficult.

Chapter 2[edit]


  • HP: 150
  • Abilities: Stunning Strikes
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Recommended Level: 20
  • Recommended Potions: Burst Potion, Acceleration Potion, Dawdling Potion

Although it's optional, fighting Leximp is recommended, so you could get a weapon upgrade from him, and communicate with the Chias in Chia Oscuro, where there's a free inn. The Leximp is almost immune to Mipsy's magic, so Mipsy should be used for throwing damage potions instead of attacking. He picks on Mipsy and can hit her with lots of damage and even stun her, so be very careful of her health.


  • HP: 225
  • Abilities: Quick Feet (28% haste), Critical Hit, Dormancy (44% slow)
  • Difficulty: Medium-Easy
  • Recommended Level: 24
  • Recommended Potions: Quickness Potion

He should not be difficult to defeat. Since he can haste himself and slow you down, it's recommended to use haste potions, since you probably don't have a lot of skill points for Mipsy's Group Haste yet. Just like Leximp, he also resists Mipsy's magic, but resists not as much as Leximp does.


  • HP: 400
  • Abilities: Cyclone (36 hp Group Direct Damage), Indifference (32% slow)
  • Difficulty: Medium-Easy
  • Recommended Level: 29
  • Recommended Potions: Dispatch Potion

He should not be too difficult to defeat either because fortunately, he doesn't resist Mipsy's magic that much. Just keep an eye out on the group's health, since he can attack with 36HP Group Direct Damage, and the fight shouldn't take long.

Chapter 3[edit]


  • HP: 500
  • Abilities: Infestation (44 hp Group Direct Damage), Rampant Acceleration (38% haste), Dormancy (44% Slow)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Recommended Level: 31
  • Recommended Potions: Scorch Potion, Potion of Great Haste, Lethargy Potion

He's likely to be the most difficult boss in Chapter 3 because he's very fast, he slows you down, and can hit with up to 70hp damage and 44 group damage and he resists Mipsy's magic. You should start by keep throwing slowing potions at him until he's slowed. Next, use haste potions on your group. Use Rohane and Talinia to do melee attacks and use Mipsy to throw damage potions one turn and use magic the next since he resists magic. You have to be very careful with each group member's health because he could lower your health significantly if he gets 2 turns in a row (he can even kill Mipsy in 2 consecutive turns).

Gebarn II[edit]

  • HP: 350
  • Abilities: Destroy (77hp Direct Damage), Hibernation (53% Slow), Contagion (52hp Group Direct Damage), Restore (100hp Heal)
  • Difficulty: Medium-Hard
  • Recommended Level: 33
  • Recommended Potions: Scorch Potion, Potion of Great Haste, Lethargy Potion

Sometimes, this boss is too overlooked because it seems easy since his HP is only 350 in Normal mode. But he can do a lot of damage on your group, so once again, be careful of your group's health. Start by hasting your group with haste potions and slow him down using slow potions. Fortunately, this boss isn't as resistant to Mipsy's magic as Siliclast is, so Mipsy can use more magic attacks. The battle might get tedious at the end because he can heal a lot, so it's recommended that after his health is in the red, have everybody throw damage potions at him until he's defeated, since damage potions do a lot more damage than regular attacks and can negate his healing.

Revenant of the Dunes[edit]

  • HP: 600 (possessed skeletons - 180)
  • Abilities: Rampant Acceleration (38% Haste), Infestation (44hp Group Direct Damage), Mitigation (60hp Group Heal), Shockwave, Spellbind (mesmerize), Slowing Strike.
  • Difficulty: Medium-Easy
  • Recommended Level: 35
  • Recommended Potions: Potion of Inert Inaction

This will be your first group boss battle, because The Revenant is grouped with 2 possessed skeletons. It's recommended to ignore the skeletons, since they'll be defeated automatically when you defeat the Revenant. Despite that, he shouldn't be too difficult, especially because now you have Velm, who can cast Group Shields and heal your group every turn. But be cautious if he mesmerizes Velm. Use haste potions only on Rohane and Talinia because he's fairly resistant to Mipsy's magic.

Coltzan's Ghost[edit]

  • HP: 750
  • Abilities: Rampant Acceleration (38% Haste), Renew (150hp Heal)
  • Difficulty: Medium-Easy
  • Recommended Level: 37
  • Recommended Potions: Potion of Inert Inaction

Once again, he shouldn't be too difficult since you have Velm to heal and cast Group Shields. Mipsy's Group Haste should now be fairly high level, so use this for your group. Slowing potions are recommended since Coltzan's fairly fast. He can heal, but he fortunately only does it once or twice.


  • HP: 1000
  • Abilities: Rampant Acceleration (38% haste), Petrification (62% slow), Protection of Infinity (+30 Group Shielding), Renew (150 hp heal)
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Recommended Level: 39
  • Recommended Potions: Potion of Alarming Haste, Potion of Inert Inaction

This boss can be fairly tedious because when he has his Group Shields on he is almost immune to Mipsy's magic and damage potions. Therefore, have every group member throw slow potions at him until he's slowed down for the beginning. And it's recommended to use haste potions instead of Mipsy's Group Haste since they're faster than Group Haste. However, he shouldn't be extremely difficult.

Chapter 4[edit]


  • HP: 1000
  • Abilities: Rampant Acceleration (38% haste), Infestation (44 hp Group Direct Damage), Petrification (62% slow)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Recommended Level: 40
  • Recommended Potions: Vile's Apathy Potion

He shouldn't be too difficult at all, so it's highly recommended to fight him even though he's optional. He can haste himself and can slow you down, but it shouldn't be a problem since you have Group Haste. Slowing him isn't necessary but would be a good bonus. Since you have Velm, you don't have to worry about healing.

Spider Grundo[edit]

  • HP: 1200
  • Abilities: Celestial Hammer (45 hp damage, 3 second stun), Renew (150 hp heal), Wall of Chaos (22 dmg Damage Shields)
  • Difficulty: Medium-Easy
  • Recommended Level: 42
  • Recommended Potions: Vile's Apathy Potion

He has damage shields, but it's no big deal, because Velm can heal the group very often. However, be aware that he has Celestial Hammer, so he can stun Velm, so in this case, you might need some healing potions. He can heal relatively often near the end, but fortunately, your group can now do enough damage to negate his healing.

The Four Faeries[edit]

  • HP: (Fire) 600, (Dark) 750, (Water) 900, (Earth) 1200
  • Abilities:
    • Fire: Anarchic Wind (56 hp Group Direct Damage), Obliterate (100 hp Direct Damage)
    • Dark: Rampant Acceleration (38% haste), Petrification (62% slow), Spellbind (mesmerization)
    • Water: Renew (150 hp heal), Vivification (78 hp group heal)
    • Earth: Critical Hit, Stunning Strikes
  • Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Recommended Level: 46
  • Recommended Potions: Corrode Potion, Eyrie Flight Potion, Sloth's Sloth Potion

This is a difficult boss battle because it's the only time in a boss battle for this game where you fight 4 enemies at the same battle. Before you battle them, it's recommended that you have 20 of the following potions: Corrode Potion (140 Damage), Rot Potion (125 Damage), Eyrie's Flight Potion (55% Haste), Kougra Sprint Potion (50% Haste), Sloth's Sloth Potion (60% Slow), and Vile's Apathy Potion (50% Slow). But it's recommended that you only use the Corrode, Eyrie's Flight, and Sloth's Sloth Potion because you cannot restock the other potions, so you should save them for fighting King Terask II.

First, have Rohane, Mipsy, and Velm should use haste potions while Talinia throws slow potions on Fire Faerie and Dark Faerie until they're slowed. Next, the rest of the group should focus on defeating the Fire Faerie, while Velm uses Group Shields and use mesmerization on the Water Faerie. Make sure you keep an eye on the group's health throughout the entire battle, and if one of your group members' health gets in the red, use a healing potion instead of Group Heal, since they can heal more. Velm should continue mesmerizing the Water Faerie whilst the rest of the group concentrates on the Dark Faerie now, but continue being careful with your HP and heal when necessary. After the Dark Faerie is defeated, have every group member throw damage potions at the Water Faerie until she's defeated because the damage potions do enough damage to negate her healing. And lastly, defeat the Earth Faerie and you're finished with the battle.

Hubrid Nox[edit]

  • HP: 1500
  • Abilities: Critical Hit, Rampant Acceleration (38% Haste), Petrification (62% Slow), Renew (150hp Heal), Slowing Strike.
  • Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Recommended Level: Skip

Fighting Hubrid Nox is optional, and skipping is highly recommended because this boss heals 90% of the time, and he resists magic and resists being stunned. So it's recommended to just skip and move on.


  • HP: 2000
  • Abilities: Rampant Acceleration (38% Haste), Shockwave
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Recommended Level: 49
  • Recommended Potions: Vile's Apathy Potion

He should be easy to defeat after defeating the 4 Faeries. Just use Group Haste and Group Shields. Using slowing potions on him is recommended since he has Group Haste. Heal when necessary, since he can do 100+ damage.

Chapter 5[edit]

Fallen Angel[edit]

  • HP: 1200
  • Abilities: Spellbind (Mesmerize), Shockwave, Renew (150hp Heal)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Recommended Level: 50
  • Recommended Potions: Vile's Apathy Potion

This should be another fairly easy boss. Just keep in mind that the battle might be tedious near the end because she can heal fairly frequently, but if you use slowing potions, your group should do enough damage to negate her healing.


  • HP: 1500
  • Abilities: Critical Hit, Stunning Strikes, Shockwave, Slowing Strike (5% Slow)
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Recommended Level: 52
  • Recommended Potions: None necessary

There's nothing extremely difficult about this boss. The only thing you have to watch out is your group's health, especially Mipsy's health, because he could hit with over 100hp of damage, so sometimes you might need to use healing potions instead of Velm's Group Heal. Slowing potions are not totally necessary, so they should be saved for fighting King Terask II. He gives an avatar when you defeat him.