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Well first of all I am what you might call a female-type humanoid residing in Canada. Personality wise, I'm the type of person who's normally pretty quiet around strangers but at the same time can act the complete opposite when amongst friends.

My offline interests and hobbies include Greek mythology, trivia-related games such as Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit, origami art, 1950s science fiction movies, reading (mostly non-fiction but also Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Asterix comics, Tolkien, Jules Verne), playing piano, and eating anything chocolate. On Neopets I enjoy dressing up my pets, designing and coding my own graphics, playing for Altador in the AC, and hanging around on the Neoboards.


  • Fill in known release dates for all Neopet species - Goal accomplished on October 21, 2007
  • Fill in known release dates for Petpets in the colours articles - Goal accomplished on October 4, 2008
  • Ongoing tasks: Uploading needed wiki images, Getting rid of spammers/vandalism, Keeping the Daily Puzzle updated


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