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Corythepaperboy is addicted to neopets. Addicted to the point in which he now plans to spend his spare time editing and updating the NeoDex.

He'll make it his goal to see more users helping out to get the NeoDex up to date, or to at least fix all the stub pages.


Please do! Just shout me a message on my user talk page.

Or neomail me on Neopets.

Useless Information[edit]

  • Hopes to one day re-pwn pee-dubs avvie count.
  • Nearly almost always misses out on a Jhudora's Cloud trophy every day due to his lame time zone.
  • Hated customisation, now loves it.
  • Is a member of avacon, the best guild in neopia.

Notable Pages[edit]

(also known as "pages i wrote most of the stuff on")

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