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A Mootix

The Mootix is a Petpetpet released June 11, 2003, that loves to jump onto Petpets. Along with the Breebly, it was one of the first species of Petpetpets to be discovered. It is very similar to the flea, as both the item description and its Neopets TCG card read "Ewwww! Your petpet has fleas!" In addition, the item Mootix Farm is similar to the Formicarium, suggesting that Mootix may have something in common with ants. It is also one of three P3s in the game Habitarium.

Nobody knows why, but Mootix appear to have a rivalry with the Cooty.



One of the two Petpetpet avatars available to users, the Mootix avatar is attained by viewing the quick reference page of a Neopet whose Petpet has a Mootix attached.


  • November 12, 2003 was a random theme day dedicated to the Mootix.

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