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To easily display Neopoint items.



{{NCItemDisplay|IMAGE=image|JNID=Item Database ID|NAME=name|NP=Neopoint Value}}

  • NAME
    • Item's name. Simply put, you fill this section with the item's name.
  • NP
    • The item's Neopoint Value (Not user defined, but rather estimated cost or anything else appropriate). If no such value exists, try using Template:ItemDisplay instead. (No need to type "NP" - This is built in. The numerical value is needed only)


If we put in:

{{NPItemDisplay|IMAGE=bd_poogle_magicalvial.gif|JNID=25813|NAME=Magical Poogle Potion|NP=17,500}}

...We'd get:

17,500 NP

Again, if you wish to display an item that has no NP value, see Template:ItemDisplay. On the other hand, if you wish to display an item with a Neocash value, see Template:NCItemDisplay.

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