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    Notice obsoslete.png

Dear Neopia,

The contents of this template are now obsolete. That means their just about as useful as those pesky creations called "Neopets", and have been kept for future reference.

I strongly advise you travel far from here before I destroy you, and you should try using Template:ItemDisplay instead. Remember, I hate you.

-F. Sloth


To easily display Neocash items.



{{NCItemDisplay|IMAGE=image|JNID=Item Database ID|NAME=name|NC=Neocash Value}}

  • NAME
    • Item's name. Simply put, you fill this section with the item's name.
  • NC
    • The item's most recent value in Neocash. If not such value exists, try using Template:ItemDisplay instead. (No need to type "NC" - This is built in. The numerical value is needed only)


If we put in:

{{NCItemDisplay|IMAGE=mall_gashapon_altadorcup.gif|JNID=43973|NAME=2011 Altador Cup Mystery Capsule|NC=250}}

...We'd get:

250 NC

Again, if you wish to display an item that has no NC value, see Template:ItemDisplay. On the other hand, if you wish to display an item with a Neopoint value, see Template:NPItemDisplay.

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