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"Looks like we'll need an awfully big tissue to wipe up this mess!" - Judge Hog

Meuka is a Snot Meerca that is completely made of nasal mucus. He wanders the darker regions of the Haunted Woods, devouring everything in his path with his sharp jaws. Meuka's origins are unknown. Some believe that he is the results of a paintbrush gone bad, while others think that he is one of Dr. Sloth's horrible experiments.

Meuka is one of the opponents featured in Series 1 of the Defenders of Neopia. He is also an optional boss in the game NeoQuest II. Meuka also stars in the game Snot Splatter.

Defenders of Neopia Series 1[edit]

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Medal5 27475.gif

One day, Meuka was hungry, but he couldn't find any food in the Haunted Woods. He decided to explore outside the Haunted Woods and came across a small village. There, he began devouring all of the village's food, leaving a slippery snot trail behind him where ever he went. The more food he ate, the more mucus he spread, and eventually the entire village was covered in snot. Several villagers cried out for the help and Judge Hog heard their call. He quickly dispatched Sergeant Brexis to the scene. After the user defeats Meuka in the Battledome, Sergeant Brexis is able to drive the Meerca away.

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NeoQuest II[edit]

Meuka is an optional boss in the Haunted Woods portion of NeoQuest II. Meuka was infused with some powerful magical energy and then sent to Von Roo's Castle. Once there, Meuka distracted Count Von Roo, preventing the Count from casting a counterspell that would undo the spell locking the sun into place. After Meuka is defeated, Count Voo Roo is freed; however, his counterspell is not strong enough to fix the sun.

M4025 e5111.gif HP:
1,000Easy · 1,250Medium · 1,500Hard
  • Rampant Acceleration - 38% haste
  • Infestation - 44 HP group damage
  • Petrification - 62% slow
  • 2 weapons / armor
  • 2,000 Gold
NP Reward:
850 NP

Opening Dialogue:

Meuka, his green ooze dripping on the floor, says, "Von Roo is my plaything now! You will not save him!" He flings droplets of smelly goo at you as he attacks!

Flee Dialogue:

Meuka laughs and spits more goo at you as you run away. "Ha ha ha, you're no better than pond scum!"

Defeat Dialogue:

Meuka cackles as your vision fades to blackness. "Now, back to tormenting von Roo... heh heh heh."

Victory Dialogue:

Meuka explodes into a shower of sickening green goo as the last strike lands. You spend a few minutes wiping his remains off yourself... and the floor... and the walls... and the ceiling. Count von Roo, who managed to avoid getting drenched, raises an eyebrow at you as you approach him.

Random Event[edit]

There is one random event involving Meuka:

Bg NC2.jpg
Meuka slimes up and eats your <ITEM NAME> right out of your inventory! Good news
though, it looks like he left you a lovely lump of Snot!

This event changes the named item into a Snot Burger.


Portrait 60.png
Difficulty: 60Easy · 72Medium · 84Hard Starting HP: 75Easy · 90Medium · 105Hard
Arena: Rattling Cauldron Released: May 13, 2002
Status: Active Challenger ID: 60
Found by: Visiting your Neopet's status page when it has the Sneezles or the Neoflu.

Downsize Power Plus
Evil Muffin
Golden Scorchstone
Meuka Snot Gloves
Meuka Snot Gun
Meuka Snot Shield
Meukas Snot Trail
Radioactive Muffin

An Icicle.png
An Icicle


There is one avatar featuring Meuka:

Meukasnot.gif Meuka - Snotty
Defeat the Meuka in the Battledome.


  • Meuka's ranged attack artwork in the Battledome and his Neoquest II boss artwork are the same, except that the Neoquest II boss artwork is enlarged slightly.

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