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Roo Palace

Visit Roo Island to learn more about this Blumin' land. It was created back on 19 June 2003, and was part of the Daily Dare in 2012. See more in the article!
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Welcome to the Neodex, the original, community-driven Neopets wiki that anyone can edit. We are a department of Pink Poogle Toy, one of the oldest and largest Neopets fan sites in the world.

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After a long absence, AAA has finally returned, and he brought us a new Games Master Challenge! This year, you can choose to game for either Team Fire, led by a Fire Faerie, or Team Snow, led by Taelia! Do you have the gaming chops to complete your team's challenges and collect awesome prizes? Find out by signing up here. We here at the Neodex wish you good luck and great gaming!

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