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This festival took the player through a maze of caverns to a mysterious oasis.

In 2010, Kari held the first Festival of Neggs beginning on 15 March and ending on 12 April. It superseded Rosie the Grarrl's Springtime Celebration held in 2009.

Kari held a Negg hunt, giving players riddles that led them to four plastic Neggs, hidden in different worlds, and exclusive prizes. This type of activity would return in the future Festivals of Neggs. She also sent players around Neopia on four other errands to help her while she hosted the Festival.

Additionally, players could visit the Festival every day for a Negg-themed prize, and while the Festival was held, players were allowed to submit five scores each day for certain games, including Meerca Chase II, Turmac Roll, Ultimate Bullseye, and Wingoball. The NC Mall celebrated with the Neggstravaganza event.


There were two sets of quests, released alternately. The player had to retrieve plastic Neggs that Kari had hidden in certain worlds, and go on longer, protracted quests that involved visiting several locations.

If the player completed all the negg hunts and quests, they earned two bonus prizes:

Prizes for completing quests
clo_slippers_crackednegg.gif clo_hat_neggshell.gif
Cracked Negg Slippers Negg Shell Hat

If the player completed every quest before the next quest was released, they also earned an avatar:

Festival of Neggs Y13 - Builder Avatar Festival of Neggs Y13 - Builder Avatar
Complete each of the quests in the Festival of Neggs 2010 before the next quest was released.

Plastic Neggs[edit]

Unlike the Negg hunts in future years, the player earned a prize for each plastic Negg they found. Retrieving all the plastic Neggs earned the player all four Festival Neggs.

There was a bug associated with this hunt where, briefly, 30 March's riddle was uploaded instead of 22 March's.

Date Riddle Negg
15 March

There are two types of rocky terrain
In this quartet of Neopian lands
The kind that turns to rubble
And the kind that turns to sand

Answer: Kreludor, Lost Desert, Moltara, Tyrannia

Red Plastic Negg

22 March

Make sure you've got your sea legs
As there'll be no time for coasting
When surrounded by Neopia's waters
In your hunt for hidden treasure.

Answer: Kiko Lake, Krawk Island, Maraqua, Mystery Island, Roo Island

Blue Plastic Negg

30 March

All hail the benevolent royalty
Ruling these five Neopian lands
May your travels be as safe
As their reigns are secure

Answer: Altador, Brightvale, Darigan Citadel, Faerieland, Meridell, Shenkuu

Yellow Plastic Negg

6 April

Your search for a plastic Negg could take you:
To the land that won the first Altador Cup
Or two lands that have never left the 1st Round
Or a land that doesn't even have a team.

Answer: Haunted Woods, Neopia Central, Space Station, Terror Mountain

Purple Plastic Negg

Negg hunt prizes
festivalnegg.gif festivalnegg.gif greenfestivalnegg.gif greenfestivalnegg.gif
Festival Negg Festival Negg Green Festival Negg Green Festival Negg


The player found tunnels leading from Coltzan's Shrine to a beautiful oasis.

Kari sent the player on four quests. For the first quest, beginning on 18 March, Kari sent the player to collect ingredients for her Speckled Negg Stew. Kari didn't actually tell the player what ingredients she needed, just hinted that one of them was a fruit they could find in Brightvale. The dialogue with each character the player encountered along the way gave them hints as to what the next ingredient they needed to find was.

Next, starting on the 25 March, Kari asked the player to find a Petpet for her. She didn't know exactly what sort of Petpet she wanted, but knew it had to be agile, not messy, and useful after dark. The Spooky Petpets shopkeeper recommended a Glowing Slymook, and the player had to chase one across the Haunted Woods and Deserted Fairground before discovering that the Slymook had made its way to Kari of its own accord.

Starting on 2 April, Kari asked the player to get a cupcake recipe off of the Tooth Faerie. The Tooth Faerie had a busy itinerary that took her all over Neopia, and the player had to follow after her, finding hints as to where she went next, until they eventually caught up with her. She had been stuck in the Scourge of the Lab Jellies laboratory.

Kari wanted to go on holiday after the festival was finished, but didn't have the time to find somewhere to go. She sent the player on this task instead. They scouted out several locations, including Tyrannia and Mystery Island, before discovering a secret entrance in Coltzan's Shrine that led to a mystical and beautiful oasis.

The dialogue and complete steps to each quest are shown below.

As they completed the quests, players earned the following prizes:

18 March quest prizes
foo_cheese_bubblingsnot.gif foo_cackleberry.gif foo_citadel_stewspice.gif clo_apron_heartsoup.gif foo_potatoes_sack.gif
Bubbling Snot Cheese Cackleberry Citadel Stew Spice I Heart Soup Apron Sack of Potatoes
25 March quest prizes
foo_slymook_bagof.gif toy_puzzle_braintree.gif foo_scone_cinnamonandsugar.gif clo_meepitghost_hat.gif boo_wildpetpets_guideto.gif toy_net_petpetcatching.gif
Bag of Slymook Food Brain Tree Puzzle Cinnamon and Sugar Scone Glowing Slymook Hat Guide to Wild Petpets Petpet Catching Net
2 April quest prizes
boo_jellyworld_edibleguide.gif gif_garland_merrygoround.gif boo_toothfaerie_cupcakerecipe.gif toy_boat_glassbottom.gif foo_jelly_trampledshell.gif clo_vest_redstriped.gif
Edible Guide to Jelly World Merry-Go-Round Garland Tooth Faerie Cupcake Recipe Toy Glass Bottom Boat Trampled Jelly Shell Red Striped Vest
9 April quest prizes
foo_ambrosia_altadorian.gif bg_desertoasis_beautiful.gif foo_crackers_myncivolleyball.gif gif_kingskey.gif foo_chocolateicecream_threesco.gif
Altadorian Ambrosia Beautiful Desert Oasis Background Cheese Mynci Beach Volleyball Crackers Kings Key Three Scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream

Daily prizes[edit]

Each day, users could visit Kari at her booth to receive a Negg-themed prize randomly selected from the following list:

  • All About Neggs Background
  • Baby Cybunny Chocolate Egg
  • Boiled Egg on Toast
  • Carved Wooden Negg
  • Chocolate Negg
  • Colourful Negg Pizza
  • Coltzan Negg
  • Cybunny Chocolate Egg
  • Easter Negg Crispy Rice Treat
  • Easter Negg Lolly Pop
  • Eggy Weggs
  • Festival of Neggs Garland
  • Hatching A Draik Egg
  • Melted Chocolate Negg
  • Mini Egg Taco
  • Negg Bush
  • Negg Kacheekers
  • Nutty Chocolate Negg
  • Partitioned Negg
  • Patterned Chocolate Negg
  • Plain Negg Neggnog
  • Rotten Egg Grarrl Gobstopper
  • Scarab Negg
  • Square Eggs
  • Swirly Chocolate Egg
  • Yellow Easter Negg Cookie

In addition to one of these daily prizes, there was a chance that players would find a Springtime Gift at the Festival - a Red Negg Plushie from 21 March, a Pink Symol from 28 March, or a random paint brush or Petpet paint brush from 4 April.

Neocash activities[edit]

In the Neggstravaganza Surprise event, players could find 20 Neggs hidden around a meadow in the NC Mall. Each one was numbered one to twenty. Every day between 11 April and 30 April, one of the numbered Neggs could be redeemed for an exclusive Neocash prize.

To collect the Neggs, players had to buy Neggstravangaza baskets. Each one allowed the player to collect one Negg. Each one could be bought for 200 NC, or in packs of 5 for 500 NC, 10 for 900 NC, or 20 for 1,700 NC.


The Edible Guide to Jelly World was initially not awarded by the 2 April quest. This was fixed, and players who did not receive it during the quest were given one afterwards, along with a Neomail explaining what had happened.

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