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Delina, also known as the Crafting Faerie, is a Dark Faerie who loves tinkering with NC Mall items. She was first introduced on February 8, 2011. Like other faeries, Delina sometimes gives out quests for users to complete.

Crafting Faerie Quest[edit]

Main article: Crafting Faerie Quests

Occasionally, Delina will grant a user a quest using the following Random Event:

Bg faerieland.jpg
The Crafting Faerie says, "Hmm. If I combined <MATERIAL #1> and <MATERIAL #2>, I could craft something amazing! I know just the place for you to look.

Delina's quests work differently than those of the other faeries. When Delina gives out a quest, she will ask the user to bring her two specific crafting materials. These crafting materials are exclusively sold in the NC Mall, and they cost 75 NC each. If the user brings Delina the two requested items, she will fashion them into an exclusive wearable NC item. So far, eight different sets of crafting faerie quests have been released.

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