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A Camouflage Wocky trying to keep a low profile.

Camouflage is one of the many colours that users can paint their Neopets. Pets painted Camouflage have a camo patterning. The Camouflage colour was first introduced on July 27, 2005, as part of a Camouflage Random Theme day. Users can change the colour of their Neopets to Camouflage by using a Camouflage Paint Brush item at the Rainbow Pool. In addition, the Lab Ray also has a random chance of turning the colour of a user's Neopet to Camouflage. Users also have the choice of changing their Neopets's colour to Camouflage when they complete a Fountain Faerie Quest.


Paintbrush camo.gif

The following Neopets are currently available in the Camouflage colour:


  • On the same day that the Camouflage Paint Brush was introduced, a Camouflage-themed secret avatar was released. Users can obtain this avatar by viewing the lookup of any Neopet that is painted Camouflage.

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