Brain Tree Quest

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Brain Tree Quest
Brain Tree Quest
ID # 75
World Haunted Woods
Category Puzzle
High Scores
Game Page

The Brain Tree hosts a quest game in which he asks users when and where a certain Neopet died. If the user brings him the requested information within a specified time limit, he will reward them with Neopoints and an item. Since the Esophagor is the only creature in all of Neopia that knows the information that the Brain Tree desires, the user must feed the Esophagor in order to gain the knowledge that they need to appease the Brain Tree.

How to Play[edit]

Users can only complete one Brain Tree quest every 24 hours. To start the quest, the user must visit the Brain Tree and then click the Accept the Quest button. After accepting the quest, the Brain Tree will ask for the location and year that a specific Neopet died. To find out this information, the user must complete two separate Esophagor quests. Each of these Esophagor quests will provide the user with one of the two pieces of information that they need.

After learning the desired information, the user must return to the Brain Tree and type their answers into the provided text boxes. The anwsers that the user provides must exactly match the information obtained from the Esophagor, including exact spacing and capitalization. After entering the correct information, the user must click the Submit Answer button to complete the quest.

Each Brain Tree quest has a randomly selected time limit that is between 1 and 3 hours long. If the user does not provide the Brain Tree with the requested information within this time limit, they will fail the quest. There is no penalty for failing a Brain Tree quest.


Each time the user completes a Brain Tree quest, they are rewarded with a randomly selected amount of NP that is usually under 5,000. They will also receive one randomly selected item from the below list:

Brain Tree Quest Prizes
Attack Fork
Baby Fireball
Bat Pack
Brain Tree Branch
Brain Tree Knife
Brain Tree Mace
Brain Tree Root
Brain Tree Splinters
Brains a la Tree
Feather Tickler
Garlic Shield
Lil Frankie
Lucky Robots Foot
Magic Branch
Mummy Baby
Pumpkin Shield
Silver Fernypoo Battlecard
Slime Potion
Staff of Brain
Walking Carpet
Web Claw

Additionally, the first time a user completes a Brain Tree quest, they will unlock the Brain Tree as a Battledome challenger.

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