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 Post subject: How to Make sP
PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:45 pm 
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In this guide, I'll cover what seem to be the three main ways to make sP: Questing, Vending and Restocking. :) It's probably most helpful for beginners.

There are many quests to choose from on Subeta. The most popular (and imo, the most profitable) are the:

Wizard’s Quests
He’s getting old, and wants you to help him find some stuff for his spells. He’ll ask you to buy him up to three items, and in return, he’ll give you Wizard Tokens (15 Point Tokens for quests done in under 15 seconds, 10 Point Tokens for quests done in under 30 seconds, 5 Point tokens for quests that take more than 30 seconds) or a random item, plus some sP. Sometimes, the items can fetch a huge amount of sP. I’ve had more than a few 500k< items from him… as well as the odd thing that no one wants which only sells for about 50sP. These quests can be a little bit of a gamble, but they’re definitely worth it most of the time. If you’re a beginner, just turn down the three-item quests, as they take a longer amount of time and cost more, so you’ll get a lower payout. However, if you’re already an accomplished player, go ahead and do them all. With a Gold Account, you can do up to 40 quests a day instead of 30.

As well as the Wizard’s quest, there are other NPCs who need stuff fetching for them (lazy lot, they are!)

Pete’s Quests
Pete loves food. He wants to collect all of the food on Subeta (yes, all of it!) He’ll always ask you for food. Once you bring it back, he’ll reward you with an item of roughly the same rarity and sP. Note: Never give him a r99 item, or he’ll be nasty and give you something cheap in return. :(

Cursed Quests
Does your timezone mean you play within the Subetan nighttime? Great! Cursed Quests can be done all day long, but the rewards are much more valuable at night, and even better, it doesn’t penalise you for the amount of time taken. The rewards given will be useful to you in Maleria’s Quests.

Maleria’s Quests
Maleria is the evil dark goddess of Subeta. Think Jhudora from Neopets, but with pointier ears. And blue skin. Her quests tend to be better for beginners. Don’t ever spend more than 5,000sP on her quests, as the most she’ll give you is 5,250sP. If you did the Cursed Quests at night, keep the items in your inventory when you do Maleria’s Quests, as she’ll probably ask for a few of those items. This saves time as you don’t have to buy them. Be quick, as Maleria lowers your pay if you take too long!

Other dailies/most do’s

Completely free game of chance. Press the button, and you’ll get some sP or an item. You can play every 3 hours, unless you have a Gold Account, where you can play every 1.5 hours. Keep an eye out for Black Candy Bars which you can get from this game. They’re normally worth quite a bit, as there are achievements you can earn from feeding loads to your pet. Every once in a while, someone will buy all of the available ones in the user shops, so the price will be really high for a while.

Other Games
Subeta doesn’t have as many games as some other pet sites, because on Subeta, they’re not really a great sP-maker. They’re pretty fun, though, so have a go. Decanter of Indestructability is another game of chance, where you add random items into a magical decanter and see what it makes. The more items you can add before it blows up, the better your prize will be. Spectrail is the first flash game on Subeta, and is kinda like Snake. You have to collect the colourful blobs of awesome stuff and avoid the dark clouds. It’s a little laggy, but it has a funky background tune. You can send your score ten times per day.

Restocking is another biggie in the Subeta economy. Here are a few tips:
When a new item comes out, DON’T BUY IT! Whether you’re buying for yourself or to resell in your shop, just don’t. When new stuff comes out, it tends to be in limited quantities, and in high demand, so for anywhere from the first two days to the first two weeks, the price will be ridiculous. You’ll lose money in the long run.
If it looks nice, buy it. Chances are, if you like the item, someone else will, too. If you’re in doubt as to the value, you can always buy one of that item and then resell it. If you made a profit, good. If not, don’t buy it again. If you think you have enough time to have a look on the shop search to check the price before it sells out, go ahead. This also applies to items which may be rare because you’ve never seen them before, or because you saw them for a high price in a user shop once.
Avoid commons. If you’ve seen it in the last few user shops you’ve visited, and it’s only been selling for about 100sP, chances are it’s really common. There enough Sun Miniskirts, Trenchcoats, Red Slacks and White Leopard tops floating around in user shops which nobody wants to clothe all of the people who’ve made an account and have a naked HA. For serious.
My favourite places to restock are the Food Market, The Bake Stop, Get Mugged!, the Holiday Shop during Subeta holidays, and Icy Goods. These are definitely not the only shops you can restock from, but since I use them often, I normally know the rough value of an item.
When you’ve bought the item, put it in your shop and use the shop search to find the lowest price. Then price your item at that, or slightly under. If you have a GA, you can automatically price all of the items in your shop at the lowest price.
If you’re rushing to get an item quickly, consider haggling. If an item costs 2190sP, and it’s the last one, you might as well type 2222. It’s quicker, and not that much of a price difference. If it’s 2579, try 2555. You’ll save some sP, and the shopkeeper won’t mind. In general, if the item is cheap, you can’t deviate away from the original price much, but with the more expensive items, you can.

This is the method I use least, but it’s still very effective. However, it’s more of a gamble than the others. All over Subeta, there are various vending machines. Each one costs 2 Wizard Tokens. You put your tokens in, and out pops a random item. Each machine vends items available in certain shops or items with certain keywords:

Burning Chance
Item Keywords: Blood, Dark, Evil
Shops: Weapons Warehouse, Defend and Conquer, Magic Box.

Shining Crane
Item Keywords: Light (Twilight included)
Shops: Spells Galore, Toy Box

Frosty Claw
Item Keywords: Ice, Snow, Frost
Shops: Icy Goods, Clothing Rack

Blue Sky
Item Keywords: Balloon, Seed
Shops: Balloon Hut, Seedlings, Music Shop, Book Nook

Celebration Gift
Item Keywords: Currently unknown.
Shops: Clothing Rack, Sole Train, Home Appliances, Carnival Stand
Dragons Hoard
Item Keywords: Green
Shops: Minions Market, Holiday Shop, Stick it to the Man!, Sole Train

Prize Get
Item Keywords: Plushie, Beanbag
Shops: Plushie Parlour, Bean Bag Shop, Toy Box
Blue Moon
Item Keywords: Star, Moon
Shops: Trading Card Center, Bits and Bytes, Atebus Shop

Grave Digger
Item Keywords: Grave, Dead
Shops: Graveyard Shop, Magic Box

Ocean Depths
Item Keywords: Blue, Water, Hydrus
Shops: Clothing Rack, Sole Train, Accessory Bin, Beach Shack
Special Items exclusive to OD: Riptide, Giant Lotus, Fierce Ice Blade, Pinkolphie, Narwellion
You can only use OD after you’ve collected all the pieces of the Uncharted Land Map. All machines have the ability to give Donation Presents (Collection Items) or Potions, but the chance is rare.

More will be added eventually. ^^ that was loooong

I don't exist. omo

 Post subject: Re: How to Make sP
PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:16 pm 
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Saggitarius Quests are also a great money maker, if you have the minimum required sP to participate. I usually make at least 400,000 sP a day on his quests.

How they work:

Saggitarius will ask for anywhere between 1 and 4 items. You have 30 minutes to find the items. If he asks for 1 item, I don't pay more than 15,000 sP. 2 items, no more than 30,000 sP. 3 items, no more than 45,000 sP. And 4 items, no more than 60,000 sP. I usually don't complete very many each day, but the ones I do complete are highly profitable.

It was an honor serving you PPT. I will miss you.
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