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Upcoming Movie Titles

Written by: Stickygumdrops

It’s the start of a new school year for most of you, (though some of us have never left.) of course, that means more homework and tests to have to deal with. However, it also means more movie releases, video games, consoles, and other fabulous things that will come out during the year. Though I’ll only be touching the movies section. Hey, for all we know they could be making another Scary Movie!

As for movies, thanks to IMDB.COM, these are the movies that are scheduled to release in this up-coming year. Yes I know, exciting isn’t it?

A new movie titled “3:10 to Yuma”, is scheduled to come out September 7th, 2007. Being more of a western type movie, it’s about a rancher who is in desperate need of money, and decides to go the criminal way to get it. Granted, there are many tasks encountered during, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the whole movie for you! This movie is rated R for violence, and some language. Might not be suitable for many people.

Another movie titled, “Shoot ‘Em Up” is also scheduled to come out September 7th, though this story line is a bit different compared to the other one. In this movie, a man delivers a woman’s baby during a shoot out, and ends up having to be the baby’s protector throughout the movie from several who’d like to murder it. Though this may sound like a good movie, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under the age of thirteen. Unless of course, you have your parents' permission.

At last, on that very same date, a horror movie titled “Hatchet” is coming out. Based in New Orleans, a group of tourists decide to go into a haunted swamp in the wilderness. Unfortunately for them, their fun turns quickly into a horrific nightmare! This movie however, is rated R, for its violence and gore. Not exactly a family movie :P

Then on September 14th, there is another new range of movies for you to see, one being “Eastern Promises”. This movie is about a couple of notorious crime families, based in London. The crime families end up running into each other, in a not so friendly way, and have a lovely fight throughout the movie. This movie is rated R for many things that are not suitable for many viewers' eyes.

Another movie coming out September 14th would be “The Brave One”. Now some of you might have seen these previews out, as it is a tad more advertised than the others. However, in this movie, it’s about a woman who is brutally attacked by some gang members, and throughout the course of the movie, she attempts to get revenge back through the police. Unfortunately, she ends up having to use her own force. This movie is rated R for strong language, and graphic scenes.

At last, under one of our movies coming out the 14th, a comedy titled “Mr. Woodcock”. In this movie, a young man decides to come back to his old town because his mother is going to marry his old gym teacher. Of course, during high school he hated the teacher, and throughout the movie, the teacher is shoving things in the poor boy's face. Throughout the movie, the boy tries to get the two apart by using any means necessary. This movie is rated PG-13 for some graphic content, and language.

Now that’s just a few of the movies coming up for you all to see. It seems like lately though, if you aren’t into horror, maybe you shouldn’t be checking out the new movies :P

Stickygumdrops did extensive research for this article, spending hours upon days reading through to come up with this excellent article.

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