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Looking Forward to the Future

Written by: Skynetmain

Space. The final frontier...

Those words ushered in the age where science fiction could be a mainstay of television programming. Now that sci-fi has become a part of the mainstream entertainment media, series of this genera are everywhere. There is even an entire network devoted to sci-fi programming. (I think it is called the Food Network or something like that). We look now at returning sci-fi shows and some upcoming movies in hopes that you look forward to them as much as I do.

First stop is Stargate: Atlantis. Where we last left Atlantis, the city was adrift in the middle of the Pegasus Galaxy and quickly losing power. This season is already shaping up to be a good one. With Amanda Tapping, Lt Col Carter from SG-1, joining the cast, the show has the potential to go into new plots and stories never thought possible. Will she bring Asgard technology with her? Who else, besides Bill Dow, Dr Lee from SG-1, will she bring with her? What of the tension between Carter and McKay? Also joining the cast is Jewel Staite from Firefly as Atlantis' new doctor. The Stargate series are becoming the place to find all of your favorite characters from past sci-fi shows. Lastly in our trip through the gate, the two SG-1 movies are still on their way and should be shooting or more so ad we speak. The first will conclude the Ori storyarc from the last seasons. The second looks to be a fun time travel adventure starring everyone's favorite Goa'uld, Ba'al. As Stargate has proven in the past, time travel can be a very fun thing. It is evident that even with its cancellation of new episodes, SG-1 is not going to fade away fishing. Is that true? Indeed it is.

A bit of a stretch segue to our next show: Lost. (It involves the fact that former Firefly actors have appeared on both series). Last season brought more twists and turns and confusion. This season is already on track to deliver the same. The loss of Charlie was a blow but knowing the island, he may be coming back. The revelations of flash forwards in the last episode of last season will have an interesting twist on seeing life after the island. Knowing JJ Abrams, those will be the least of the twists in the series.

Speaking of JJ Abrams projects... anyone else love the buzz about the new Star Trek movie? It is aptly named Star Trek right now. A lot seems to be on tap for this movie. Nimoy is back as Spock, as is Zachary Quinto as Spock's younger self. Additionally, Anton Yelchin has been signed as the young Chekov. Sadly, Shatner seems to be on the fence still, but the fans will get him back if he does not volunteer. Abrams says shooting should start soon. He hints at a return to Roddenberry, which would be a boon to Trekkies young and old. I cannot wait for this film.

And with the mention of Mr Quinto, we arrive at one of the coolest sci-fi shows in recent history, Heroes. More with past Heroes. More Heroes in the past. (Yay! Oka-san rules!) And more Heroes that were on Trek. Already, Takei is in the cast for Sulu. Quinto brings in Spock. Recent adds of Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) and Nichelle Nichols (Commander Uhura) bring two more to the mix. Aside from a chunk of the cast being former Trek actors, who really cares about that? The show will still have all the human drama and hopefully just as much action. There were many questions left hanging last season, so I hope there are a few answers.

As they say, best for last. My personal favorite sci-fi show, if not favorite show ever, is Futurama. They have a whole series of DTV films on the way. Fans of the series have always wanted more to the story, and we will get what we want. With the series' great cast, brilliant stories, and occasional appearances by certain former US Vice Presidents, the movies will be fun and hopefully what we all want to see.

Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing which sci-fi series and movies I am looking forward to. I hope you are looking forward to them as well by now. As one wise man once said 'Live long and prosper.'

Skynetmain is a major Trekkie, though he draws the line at wearing the Vulcan ears.

Light hasn't visited the planet Dagobah in sometime.

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