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Super Smash Bros Brawl!

Written by: Light

Think back to 1998, a team of video game developers at HAL Laboratories in Japan are busy on a project for Nintendo. They do not know whether; it will be a hit. To this day, there's no regrets. Today, the Super Smash Bros series remains one of Nintendo's prized jewels.

Nearly, 9 years later; Nintendo is planning to release the 3rd installment in the series; Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This latest installment comes with better graphics, more characters and battle stages and other hidden jewels. This game is one of Nintendo's most popular video games, but I wondered if that was the case at PPT? So I asked some questions, about SSBB @ PPT; the new game and more.

When asked what he was looking foward to in SSBB, Skynetmain responded by saying "New characters, especially the 3rd party ones. Go Snake! They better not do the damn Raiden trick again! I am also looking forward to the new Pokeball members. They should be fun. I can't wait to see the Fire Emblem and Halberd stages as well."

The inclusion of new characters was what most people we asked said. However, Byakuya San gave us a different anwser. "Everything! But mostly the inclusion of Metaknight: when the first video of Brawl came out in 2006, seeing him absolutely made my life." he said.

One of the accesories that makes the Wii special, is of course the Wiimote. So, of course this was in our questions. We asked if the Wiimote would affect the gameplay at all. Christopher gave us an intresting anwser."Not really sure, maybe in order to use Final Smash attacks you'll have to do some elaborately silly pose using the wiimote." he says. Skynetmain thinks it will "have some use with ZS Samus' whip, Link's Boomarang, and other weapons and specials". Kitten Medli thinks it will be hard to master, though at the same time will add to the fun. Typhoon echos the same message; he says "people with little hand/eye coordination are going to prefer the simple Gamecube controller."

Everybody we spoke to said had good comments about the gameplay based on the screenshots released. Though, Byakuya San had more to say.

"Brawl looks nothing short of amazing right now. Even though the arenas as of today look a tad generic, I have no doubt that there will be a vast variety of them to spice up battles. On a side note, unlike many others, I don't mind that Zelda has transformed into a brunette." he told this reporter.

As to what our SSBB addicts like on their pizza? I'll let them talk.

"SSBM only since I have yet to play SSBB:

Fave: Fox rules! Then maybe Roy or Marth.

Least Fave: Ganon or DK or Dr Mario or Luigi. They all have caused me great pain.

I really look forward to giving Snake a shot. It will be my first time playing as him..." - Skynetmain

"My favourite characters were Roy, for his sword attacks, and Kirby for his extremely deadly hammer smash. As for annoying characters, I found Kirbys most deadly opponent to be Link when used by my friends. As for annoying, I'd have to say Mewtwo. My favourite area was ontop of the spaceship, or the town with the collapsing floors." - Christopher

"My all time favorite character is Yoshi. Pit will be a close second, probably. I hate Captain Falcon and Roy. Also, Yoshi's Island is a big fave for me, but I hate playing in.... oh, I can't remember, that one stage with the acid that rises and falls." - Typhoon

"I'm a big fan of Marth and Ganondorf. My least favorite character is Dr. Mario because he takes up room that could otherwise be given to Paper Mario, who, in my opinion, would make for a much better fighter. I like playing in the Hyrule Temple stage from Melee, mostly because its large and original. However, I'm sure there will be much more engaging arenas in Brawl with better graphics to boot." - Byakuya San

"My favorite character is probably Zelda/Sheik. I like Sheik because he has lots of speed, and Zelda because she has sweet magic attacks." - Kitten Medli

All the people we interviewed, do not have a Wii. Though, they say they plan to get one, along with SSBB; when it comes out.

As to if they play SSBB at the PPT Forums, 60% (3 out of 5) say they play PPT. Most that don't say that they don't understand the game. Here's what GM Sky has to say about SSBB on PPT.

"I am in charge of the damn game! I just get so shocked to hear that people don't play the game because it looks complicated, but they do not come to me for clarification. That is one of the reasons I don't play WW. Unlike WW, where the goals are backstabbing and lying, this game encourages cooperation and good sportsmanship. If you are scared that the game looks complicated, just contact me. I am always willing to hold your hand through playing until you get the hang of it. I have done so for many players and am willing to help many more."

As a SSBB player, you should know that it isn't that hard. Although it looks complicated, it's not really that hard. After a day or two; you'll get the hang of it. If you don't feel like reading everything, just PM Sky. This is a must-play for all you PPTers out there who are Nintendo addicts.

So, there you have it; the outlook on Super Smash Bros. Brawl from PPT's finest (when it comes to SSBB at least). Before you go, please watch this.

Light is a Jedi Outcast. He used images from Wikipedia for the icon. Super Smash Bros Brawl logo (C) Nintendo.