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Felix puma av.png
Species: Probably human
Name: Mark
Job: Editor

Hi, I'm Puma. My real name is Mark. I'm presently a self-proclaimed editor here at Neodex (Meaning I asked for an account and gave myself such a title).

I'm very much into web design, as well as other oddities like Marine Biology and pilot school and stuff. ;)


Long ago, I asked for an account. Then it happened.

I like for things to be fun, diverse, and creative. Always try to do what's never been done before!

Working on:

  • Acquiring needed permissions to edit "insides" of wiki:
    • Wiki currently violates Copyright laws (Licensing tags for Media is long overdue)
    • Manage extensions & such (Needed to get fansite support working)
    • Being able to properly announce an "upcoming" 'thing' (Also need to edit announcement board)

Something's going to happen! Just be patient.

Present goal:

  • Re-write Faerie articles and templates (In progress)


  • N/A

What else?

I love Felix the Cat, Sonic the Hedgehog and all that stuff.

Various teams I've supported, or still support:

I'd like to see Neodex move into a bright future, there's potential for so much more! (And then there's the fact that you're not allowed to say "Neodex", or link to images from it on Hmm...)

Favourite Quote

Finally, something to do with this last section:

"We make widgets. Millions and Millions of widgets. LOL."

Don't judge~