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This is my own subuserpage to keep track of all the work I wann do. If you feel like it, maybe you can get started on some of my projects for me. :)

Articles to Work On[edit]

Species Categories[edit]

Categorize all Neopets characters into their Neopet species categories.

etc., etc.

Battledome Opponents[edit]

Difficulty: {{{Difficulty}}} Starting HP: {{{StartingHP}}}
Arena: {{{Arena}}} Released: {{{ReleaseDate}}}
Status: Unknown Challenger ID: {{{ID}}}
Found by: {{{FoundBy}}}

Make sure there are pages for all the Battledome opponents and put the BattleInfo template information on all of them. See example at Daily events.

I'm hoping to write a battle analysis/guide for as many of the 1-Player opponents as I can, but my pet can only handle the easier opponents. Higher level opponents I'll just try to rate based on their weapons, so anyone who has any corrections or suggestions, lay them on me.

Scripts to Remember[edit]

For inserting images hosted off-site.


Off-site images with a border and text.

{|align=right width=image width style="background-color: #ffffff; color: #000000; border: solid 1px #bbbbbb; padding: 1px"
|Optional text.

In case I want to clear all the space underneath a section.

<br clear="all">