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September 25, 2009:'

BREAKING NEWS- Hagrid835, the sockpuppet who has countlessly vandalized NeoDex with 19 different sockpuppets that did nothing but vandalize, is back! Three suspicious IP's were blocked two weeks ago, but since Sept. 24, '09 the IP block was lifted and one admin forgot to block one of the live sockpuppets: User:SzAy88.

Please help us save NeoDex from vandals by leaving a message to A Neezles A. NeoDex MUST be vandalism-free.

This just in: Another sockpuppet was created! That marks the 20th sockpuppet this vandal has used to vandalize. Luckily, at the moment, all the sockpuppets are blocked indefinitely now.

Update: Hagrid is back on a new account: A Neezles A Doesn't Wear Socks.