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Dank Cave[edit]

1. Talk to Eleus Batrin to learn more about Ancient Neopia. Head east to the Training Grounds, and fight the fire & snow imps. Talk to Boraxis the Healer (northwest of the city) as needed to heal. Fight there until about level 5.

2. Once Level 5, go west to the Plains of Neopia and fight. Do not leave the plains until you have 5 glowing stones. Double-check to see if you have 5 glowing stones, a blue thread, and a plains lupe pelt. If you do, go to Morax Dorangis to get your armour. Create and equip either armour (doesn't matter, but I prefer cloth robes):

  • Energy Shield
    • chunk of metal
    • small yellow gem
    • glowing stone
  • Cloth Robes
    • blue thread
    • plains lupe pelt
    • glowing stone