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The cast of The Guildmasters' Dinner Logic Puzzle.

The Guildmasters' Dinner Logic Puzzle is a cancelled puzzle plot released on November 16, 2004, coinciding with the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. Apart from sharing the characters Galem Darkhand and Masila, there was no connection between the two activities.

The plot was a logic puzzle of the style of Usurper!, but was cancelled shortly before being due to kick-off due to reasons unspecified - The Neopets Team reported that they "had the most horrendous few weeks and just have not been in a situation where we could make [the plot] work", and that "unforeseen things happened both work and non-work related that prevented us from completing it" in response to questions about it in the Neopian Times editorial.

Plot summary

The plot revolved around a dinner party, staged by Galem Darkhand, between six of the most influential master criminals in Neopia. All of them have secrets - and one plans to betray all the others.

The Diners

LG-Gashrok.gif Gashrok Don't be fooled by his suave, persuasive half, or you'll soon become the victim of his mean, ruthless and nasty half. Gashrok is the leader of a clan of nasty brutes from the northern parts of Tyrannia. If he's not smashing Rock Beasts in his spare time, he's usually stealing.... entire villages!
LG-Sabatha.gif Sabatha Sab the Silent goes to school. She recently got really good marks on her end of year exams. She broke into the headmaster's office, silently of course, and copied all the answers. This student leads a dangerous double life.... and meeting with Galem is about to make things a lot more dangerous.
LG-Galem.gif Galem Darkhand If you look up underhand in the dictionary, then you probably won't be able to find it, because Galem would have either stolen the dictionary or just ripped the page out to spite you. He bullied and blackmailed his way to the top, and at the top he will stay.... for now.
LG-Masila.gif Masila Masila's cloak, earrings and brooch used to belong to a rich little girl, a girl who made the mistake of trusting her. Many thieves have made the same mistake, most didn't live to tell the tale. Masila is truly the mistress of the doublecross.
LG-Malkus.gif Malkus Vile No job is too big, too difficult or too dangerous for Malkus. He simply sits back and lets his Meerca Thieves, Heermeedjet and Merouladen do the work. He pays them well of course, but never ever lets on how much of the profit he keeps for himself.
LG-Tuborr.gif Tuborr Something very weird happened to him when he had a Blueberry Chia Pop, and it wasn't turning into a Blueberry. Tuborr used to be Galem's bodyguard but now he has designs of his own. Thieving, it seems, can be a very lucrative business indeed.

Plot participation

The object of the user's inquiries was to be to determine which diner ate which meal; which diner specialised in which crime; what secret each diner is hiding; and which avatar they would use on the NeoBoards, from a selection of six made specifically for the plot.

There were six options for each area of inquiry:

The Main Courses
  • Carnupepper Soup
  • Chicken with Vegetables
  • Fresh Green Salad
  • Fried Fish
  • Hearty Pie
  • Steak Platter
The Specialities
  • Sling Shots
  • Plushie Pilfering
  • Card Shark
  • Gem Theft
  • Poisons
  • Burglary
The Secrets
  • One of the guests stole all the silverware.
  • One of them sells Faeries to Balthazar.
  • One of them regularly writes for the Neopian Times under a pseudonym.
  • One of them is terrified of Spyders.
  • One of them has buried a million NP underground (just in case).
  • One of them plans to lie, and betray all the others.
The Avatars

Users were to determine how the courses, specialities, secrets and avatars linked to each of the diners based on their descriptions and a series of clues that were to be released over the course of the plot.


Only two clues have ever been released for this plot. The first one was released on November 19 and the second one on November 30.

  • The Poison Specalist had the Steak Platter (checking it very carefully first!).
  • The Card Shark was especially happy with the food, but did not want anybody to find out about his terrible secret - he was terrified of Spyders.


  • Among the prizes to be won from this plot were the six avatars used by the thieves. It appears that The Neopets Team, after cancelling the plot, also removed the avatars from the site.
  • At the bottom of the The Dinner page stood: - THE VILE PLOT - : What on earth are you talking about... ? ;). Whether this was a joke reference to -THE MURDER- at the bottom of the The Feast page of the Gadgadsbogen Puzzle (which itself was a joke reference to Usurper!) or something going to play an actual role in the plot is unknown.

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