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The real case?

The following was added to the article on 15:01, 8 Oct 2006 by
The werelupe king in Illusen's glade was an imposter. The one in Werelupe Woods wasn't. You see in Act one the werelupe imposter bit Altador making him a werelupe. And Altador fought Tormund to see if he had a brave heart.
I don't tink this has any basis in fact at all. King altador was stabbed by the werelupe king, and not bitten. and if he was bitten, you need more proof, especially on the differences between the real and "fake" king. have a video at youtube users can see as well to prove this even more (it's a video game review of the video game, but there is footage at the end where it shows the said attack). --Jacob 13:33, 8 Oct 2006 (CDT)