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:Hmmm that's a great question - I thought it sounded professional hehe *embarrassed grin* --[[User:Yukio|Kym]] 06:17, 1 Aug 2007 (UTC)
:Hmmm that's a great question - I thought it sounded professional hehe *embarrassed grin* --[[User:Yukio|Kym]] 06:17, 1 Aug 2007 (UTC)
::It's not a monetary venture, it's not a commercial fansite... surely... --[[User:Macbeth|Macbeth]] 22:19, 1 Aug 2007 (UTC)
::It's not a monetary venture, it's not a commercial fansite... surely... --[[User:Macbeth|Macbeth]] 22:19, 1 Aug 2007 (UTC)
'''Bold text'''
== Hi everyone ==
==Making the page proper==
Considering this is a page displaying the history and necessary info for the website hosting yon wiki, I have the wonder if it is up to par with how the hosts want it displayed. Something to consider in the future, should I ''ever'' get about to finishing up my "to do list" her on the NeoDex. Well, least I can do is modify the images and spell check the article in the now. :P --[[User:Jacob|Jacob]] 04:23, 4 September 2010 (UTC)
Hi guys, i 've spent quite a while here reading your posts today, so i decided to register here too.
== Hey everybody ==
Hi everyone! I am new to this community. Just want to greet you :)

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About the "Enemies" section

After reading what up to that point was a good well rounded history I become most confused as to who's side the whole "debate" was being argued from. Sometimes it is best to simply refer to the "whole (GOODNAMEHERE) insident" and go disclaimer of spyware and move on. This is up to you as I have no intention of editing some-one elses history records.

Also when I started reading I thought this was a history of this site but at the end I was unsure what I was reading. I can't even begin to consider taking part in wikiwikiweb on that page without a little more information or I could turn truth to lies by total accident. This is not something I wish to do. --Lord Matt 05:09, 28 Oct 2005 (CDT)

I've editted the history data of PinkPT as much as i could a while back, though it is still incomplete, and possibly needs to be looked over as you stated by the original authors. --Jacob 19:24, 30 Jan 2007 (CST)
Come on, not PPT too! Why do people insist everyone has spyware? --Freefalldreams 04:07, 19 Nov 2007 (UTC)
Because it's a government conspiracy. They're all in on it. :S --Jacob 04:11, 19 Nov 2007 (UTC)

The whole spywear thing worries me

It sounds like an "OMG I found third party cookies on my PC - I am (a) too dumb to block them or (b) too dumb to know what they are."

Unfortunately it also sounds like the response from this end was somewhat OMG I have no real idea what I'm ...etc etc etc --Unsigned by 15:09, 1 Nov 2005

*whaps you on noggin with calming mattet* okay then. look here. we will figure out how to work this wiki efficiatly in time. heck, i don't like the spam either. i find it very destructive. been working my part to keep it clean. in the meantime, admin powers should be looked over by the proper channels, and how to stop people from placing destructive content on boards and defacing content already placed on wiki pages. *thumbs up* --Unsigned by Jacob 15:47, 1 Mar 2006
And spammers/vandalizers are still a problem to this day. as it will always be, with this being a wiki and all. We will continue to strive and make sure articles are clear of all destructive content though. All we can do is react to a threat, and do it effeciatly. --Jacob 19:24, 30 Jan 2007 (CST)


Is it just me or this page horrendously biased, in favor of PPT? Just going off memory, it mentions how awesome the admin is, and how loving the community is...etc. Littlemac 02:57, 28 Jul 2006 (CDT)

Already mentioned by Jacob - who says it'll be fixed. The entry was copy pasted from PPT's history article on the main site so there was some content there when the NeoDex first began.--Yukio 10:01, 28 Jul 2006 (CDT)

*falls out of chair* opps!?! :S Yeah, i did say i was going to do that. --Jacob 11:56, 28 Jul 2006 (CDT)

I don't think that commenting on the admin's awesomousity, sparkling charm, nor Yukio's dashing good looks violates the NeoDex's neutrality in the least. Why, these are not so much personal opinions, but statements of fact - axioms beyond dispute. No, what I'm more worried about are the references to the "PPT Empire"... It just... doesn't seem right to name the otherwise remarkable, awesome, good-looking Yukio (you know, the one with the sparkling charm and radiant intellect) as an 'emperor'... Most of the departments of PinkPT have been spawn from PinkPT itself, rather than taken by mutual agreement (IDB being the obvious exception) or 'force', as too are all the dozens of guides... and all the stuff on the forums... etc. Of course, I could be missing something here (PinkPT may have bought up all the shares in Time Warner AOL, for all I know), but that's just my opinion... --Macbeth 23:34, 29 Jul 2006 (CDT)
I liked the dashing good looks part ;)--Yukio 09:43, 31 Jul 2006 (CDT)
I think Yukio is ugly...There, now it's in dispute. ;) Littlemac 02:39, 2 Aug 2006 (CDT)
*waves hand* yo momma!--Yukio 06:50, 2 Aug 2006 (CDT)

I think i've lowered many of the biased comments in the article, and it's now up to others to catch what i missed (or i will eventally look it over again). --Jacob 19:24, 30 Jan 2007 (CST)

"Largest fan site"

Going by registered members, PPT doesn't begin to compare to NeoItem's more than 100000. So, I think that that sentence should be backed up by something else. -- 00:54, 29 Jul 2006 (CDT)

I believe Alexa shows this in comparison to some other sites, with JellyNeo second, NeoLodge third, and TheDailyNeopets fourth. If im correct. --Unsigned by 20:36, 16 Nov 2006
Would like to find the source of that if it still exists. And what is the gauge of what makes a fan site "large" or "popular"? is it the number of members in the forum community? the page views per day? --Jacob 19:24, 30 Jan 2007 (CST)
PinkPT is the most popular neopets fansite by alexa rankings, yes. [1] --Macbeth 10:39, 31 Jan 2007 (CST)

Items that need sources

During April 200, PPT reached 145,000 page views a day and have past the milestone of the 2,000,000 hits.

This isn't a typo. this was posted in the article as is, with the date "April 200". we need the real date for it to be part of the article. --Jacob 21:51, 1 Aug 2006 (CDT)

Missing sections of PinkPT

I've noticed this, but haven't mentioned it till now: where are the following sections of PinkPT?

  • Planet Subeta
  • Avada Kedavra
  • Sailor Moon
  • The Laughing Nekos

They are no longer listed as websites on the top bar on PinkPT. Can someone please explain what happened? :( --Jacob 19:40, 6 Mar 2007 (CST)

And now Yukio's recent edit removed them completly. Mind you, i DO think SOME mention of them needs to be in the article, to speak of history and the like, but how to do it can hopefully be figured out in the future. --Jacob 13:45, 30 Jul 2007 (UTC)

Memoirs From PPTers (cached)

The following are messages which were left on the PinkPT article almost since the beginning of its creation...

I remember when Hunter was in the chatbox, and he changed the little title about every five minutes. Once, he spelt bizarre wrong, too. Once in the chatbox, somebody was "mysteriously" kicking random people and nobody could figure out which mod was doing it. - Caesara

PI basically started when somebody who I believe is no longer a member suggested starting a paper of sorts for PPT. I offered to help with it, and started a thread in Misc Disc, asking if anybody would be willing to help. It got loads of responses, and millions of suggestions. (I won't go into all the little details of who did what and all that, because the list IS rather long) The first PI staff was created, and all we needed was somewhere to start. At first PI was going to be set up on angelfire, by Lilac, who had offered to do the job, provided she had everything. Then Hunter stepped in and offered to do it for us. (Thank you, Hunter!) So the CP was created, along with the front page, and all that stuff. The original thread in Misc Disc, by then, had been split numerous times and had about 50 pages in total. When the first issue came out, it didn't have much in it and had a few mistakes (on our part), but everybody was happy. (If I haven't mentioned it yet, PI was started mid-August of '03.) By December the staff had changed numerous times, and we were doing quite a bit better. We had our ups and downs (mostly me forgetting to release the issue or being lazy or something else wrong on my part *ahem*). Then we appealed to Jim for a usergroup. After a while of bugging him about it, it was created, and Pudding was set in charge as the mod. After a while Yoshi was added as the co-mod, and then PPT went down. - Caesara

The April Fool's Day joke, where some posts were converted into 1337, and where the moderators were clones. There were also spammish ranks (Beyond Spammy) and the filters ("According to the prophecy...") - Dragonfire and Runevalkyrie

Back when the community first started, members had to vote mods in. Bob asked for people to UN-vote him. A week or so later, he was an admin. - Atamand

Back in December, when my uncle had a heart attack, I had to sit in the hospital every day waiting for news on him, try and comfort my cousin, but as soon as I got back to my grandmother's house every night, I could get on PPT, and everyone there was friendly, and those that knew about my uncle cared enough to say something in my thread about him. Thanks to PPT, Christmas 2003 turned out to be better than the circumstances would have ever allowed. - Tested

The day when Steph and Jenn met each other. They were the first PPTers to meet in real life. - Jill

I remember when Staribbon posed as a girl and joined the Divas and talked in the Divas Chat before coming out that she was a he. We were all pretty fooled! S/he left shortly after that and was never heard from again. He posed as a girl due to "personality issues" or something of the sorts. This was in 2002. - Jill

I remember when Fiddly made paradoy raps from Eminem and 50 Cent's songs and became know as "Fiddy Cent". Truly a hilarious experience. - Jill

Outkast Fight a long time ago (back when Ven ran the board). It was forty beautiful pages of spammy battling. - Sunnie

The Great Time Warp August 2003. Not only were our post counts destroyed (Sunnie's was cut in half), but all the threads were gone, too! That especially affected the RPers. Poor guys. - Sunnie

The creation of Pink Ink was such a lot of hype. - Lillie

Oh heck, I remember. There was this one time I was completely and utterly miserable for two weeks or so. I had a minor emotional weeping period, don't know if it was break down or not. I will definitely remember the support of all those who posted to cheer me up and just to tell me that they were there. It was important to me to know that people were just there for me and so I've tried since to be there for other people. I got a surprise webpage from CSK and Charisma who had collected what nice things people had to say about me and put them all in. I'll always be grateful to everyone who was there for me. I have a copy of everything saved onto my hard drive for those down days, because I never want to be so miserable onto other people again. Many people are down and PPT has always proved to be a supportive place for them. - Lillie

Being made a moderator was fun. I climbed out of bed one day and was attacked by congratulations on AIM. Ooo, now that was a sight, a bleary eyed, tossle haired kid with jaw dropped open when I found out. - Lillie

The PPT Gods Dictionary being a mini success at the start of it. That was great simply because it was the first original idea I had ever had on PPT and it was a good one. I've only got the first copy saved, not the new one. *sigh* - Lillie

PPT Survivor! I loved how it was all girls at the end and the conversations that took place about who was winning and who was losing. The discussion of who to vote for. I clearly recall Chrome saying she would flip a coin for if the last two girls both had a "C" as the beginning letter of their name. - Lillie

Way back during Summer 2002 we were constantly changing servers. After my original registering in mid June, I had to reregister about 5 times. First time was because I forgot my password on my original account because I changed my email and it didn't let me log in once it sent me a new password. But the other 4 times were server changes. Final time was when we settled onto the almost permanent server, which just recently went down. - Lass
Also, the time warp of last summer. If my memory serves me correctly, it happened in early to mid August. All posts were deleted that were made after July 13th. Post counts were also set back to what they had been on July 13th. It was mass chaos, since no one had any idea what was going on. Looking back on it, I laugh at how all the members were acting. Seeing all these topics spread across the forums stating "Whats going on?!?! My post count was lowered!!" makes me laugh now. - Lass
And when Jim made me an admin for 30 seconds when the forums were running incredibly slow. - Lass
There was also the Dark Angel/Chrome fad. If you supported the Dark Angels you would change your username to "Dark Angel [insert username here]" and if you supported the Chromes you would become "Chrome[insert name here]". - Lass

I remember kicking SL's butt in Yahoo Pool 6-0 does that count? - Pyro Parrot

I remember halloween back a few years ago on the YaBB forums. It was really cool, and Hunter had some sort of music in his sig that freaked people out. The Dark Angel fad happened around there with another halloween fad. It was really fun. - Koku
I remember Ven/Optimistic Consideration. He was really nice, and deserved to become a Global/Super mod. - Koku
I remember when Chrome first released the RM2K game. I played it over and over..no matter how small it was. ^_^ - Koku

I remember Fidd's non-blinking blinkie. "I don't blink like all those CONFORMIST BLINKIES!" - Sapphire Faerie

If someone asked me to name my favorite PPT memory, I'd laugh in their face. PPT has created so many memories for me that it's impossible to pick a favorite. But some of my special ones include becoming Capo in the PPT Mafia. Being Capo means that you've caught one thousand scammers and reported them. Becoming Capo was such a huge accomplishment for me. It made me feel special to be only the second Capo in all of PPT history. The Mafia has always been one of my favorite usergroups because it gave me a reason to work towards something in PPT. I really, really loved being able to leave PPT in the evenings and feel like I had, in a way, made Neopets a little bit of a better place because of the scammers I had caught. Another huge memory I have is starting PPTAAC in February of 2004. PPTAAC stands for 'PPTers Against Animal Cruelty'. It all started as just a 'Boycott Petco' thread, but soon developed to be one of the few clubs on PPT with a good purpose. At first, it surprised me at how many people were interested in our cause. We suddenly had a huge amount of people volunteering to make graphics and work at their local animal shelters. I remember that after mentioning volunteering at the local Humane Society, tons of PPTAAC members posted that they'd checked out their Humane Society and local shelters and a few of them volunteered. It made me kind of proud that I belonged to a forum with such good and caring people. Speaking of good and caring people, I remember numerous times where PPT members cared about me. There was one time recently when I had an ear infection, and just overnight, over 20 people replied and told me to get well soon, and many also suggested things to make the infection go away. I especially remember Twinkle messaging me personally to ask if I was okay. She told me that she had read my thread on the infection and cared enough to personally message and ask if I was okay- and that meant so, so much to me. Another huge memory I got from PPT was becoming a PPT God. For those of you who don't know, a PPT God is a user who achieves one thousand posts. After becoming a PPT God, I quickly joined ASP, one of PPT's random and crazy groups. I loved ASP because it gave me a chance to be as crazy and loud as I wanted to be, and my opinion was always heard when I wanted it to be. ASP's initials stand for 'Avs, Soda, Pudding'. Avs is to stand for Lady Night, who makes avatars and was a founder. Soda stands for the user Soda, another founder. And Pudding stands for Pudding, another founder. ASP was completely secret, which was just another aspect I loved about it. Another memory was the restart of the PPT Gnome Legion. I was, and still am, the Great Gnome Mistress. The Gnomes were supposed to welcome new members, hold giveaways, and just do nice stuff. And now comes one of my fondest memories- being accepted into the Pink Ink. The Pink Ink is PPT's official newspaper, and I was always in awe of the writers. One day, Cae- the newspaper founder- opened up applications. I applied first for Forum Writer, didn't make it, then applied for Entertainment- and got in! I felt so happy for weeks afterward. The Pink Ink board was the best... everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. Even though I only got a chance to write 2 articles before the forums went down, I still loved every minute of being a PI writer. All in all, PPT is a wonderful community that I'm glad to be a part of. Everyone is so nice and encouraging, and always there for you. The only thing I don't like about it is that I didn't join sooner. - Bangel

Theres a lot of memories in PPT, regaurdless of when you joined. They were made everyday and they seem to keep on popping up. From what I've read, we need to write about the memories which we hold dear to ourselves that have happened over the past years. One which stands out is Fe and that elbow licking. I thought it was totally gross when that came up but it turned out to be some awesome fun. Both PPTbies were really awesome to see. The whole "Chrome for Pres" thing still cracks me up. I suppose one of the memories which actually include me that I have is when I found out that someone who I knew online, and someone who I also knew offline were the same person. I had met a fellow PPTer and known him for nearly a year. That PPTers is Ammer and I think I can say that I've made an awesome friend off such an event. I remember being Ill last November and posting a "Cookie" thread cause I wanted to bake. That was the day I got the most awesome cookie recipe ever. Welsh Cookies. Another one would be my birthday. I wont be forgetting coming online and seeing a "Happy Birthday Xil" Thread. That was awesome. Jasujo's birthday was right around then too!! Heck, Anyones birthday should really count as a memory. It's a great feeling coming online and seeing all your friends posting "Happy Birthday" or something to that effect. - Xil

I owe PPT more NP then I'm worth. Everyday the first thing I would do was log onto neopets, and open PPT to do my treasure Map quest.(This was years ago). Then, when y'all started putting up the Cliffhanger anwsers, I started doing those too! It hit a point where I was on PPT far more than Neopets and I hadn't even signed up for the Forums at that time. :-P It was at the end of Grade 8 which I got caught on PPT at school, I was sent to my vice principal and had to explain what it was I was doing here. Consquently, PPT became the first School-decided banned website at my elementary school. Smile (That means the School Board didn't make the decision) - Xil

It was a normal day as any other and I was on PPT reading the current topic which I had just posted. One post caught my attention which asked if I was in a specific english class second period. It happened to be correct and I was very freaked out. I began to search through my head on who in my English class played Neopets. I thought of one person and than decided to go with my gut. After PMing this PPTer and being tortured with this PPTer's mind game I realised it was my friend who I knew in real life named Xil. We weren't really close friends but now we have become closer and I actually can talk to someone about Neopets (In secret). It makes me proud to meet a PPTer and I hope to meet many of you in the near future. If you're anything like Xil, than we'll be great friends. - Ammer

Hmm, one thing that comes to mind was Mr. Adam Face (is hot!)'s journey to TNT Headquarters. It was right before the Time Warp, I think. I don't know exactly how long the thread got, but it was over 20 pages I think. The first time he was turned back (because he had Asparagus, I think...?), but he went out again. I'm pretty sure that he came back around the Time Warp but no one knew what happened to him since he hadn't posted, so we were speculating... did TNT hold him hostage? He wrote up a big article, it was in the PPT news, but I don't know if it would still be there. Somewhere in the thread, someone (Magenta?) had a picture of Neopets with "Go Mr. Adam Face!" signs. - Sunshine Jenny

I remember the PPT Secret Santa thing that Ecliptic and Yoshi organized last December in the Av/Sig Board. Oh, that was bundles of fun. You said what kind of things you wanted in your set, and someone made one for you, but you didn't know who it was. Near Christmas, everyone got their set and had to guess who their Secret Santa was. I remember being Knives' Secret Santa. I was awful at making graphics back then, and I remember him trying to be nice and saying that he liked the set I made him. And Denae/Joelz Butterfly made me this wonderful set that said "X's and O's: Who's side are you on?" It was the cutest thing. I still have that saved somewhere, in fact. - Apricus

Before I joined, I "lived" at IDNQ. Strangefire420 mentioned these forums, and one time when I was banned from IDNQ...I think it was the second time (I got banned 4 times I think. Such a naïve friends555 I was.)...I came here. I posted my first message. It was about me being banned from IDNQ and coming here to fill my time. I got a bunch of replies, but I only remember one: "Jump on the banned wagon!" I remember also I said in my post "oh no, hunter's modding". The admins at the time were SL, Jim, and Janie. Bob was "Back to Modding". Hunter was a moddy and Rune was just a member...y. Icey joined and we had a post-count race...he was winning until he stopped at 160...I went on to a post count of around 2k (if you count the posts I made on this new forum.) After a while, I stopped looking for my old IDNQ friends and made some new friends. I don't really remember who my first few friends were, but now I'm pretty comfortable around everyone here, so it doesn't really matter who I am or was closer with. I remember a bunch of old mods that I never really knew. I also remember Venny...and my short obsession with him after I joined Divas...and how I kept threatening to get Faye a tongue-ectomy because he liked her. I remember the Outkasts, and when Venny left, and when Lillie aka Ten Snow took over. I remember trying to get into as many groups as possible...including the not-a-usergroup CCC. I kept hoping Cheese would notice my little "tour guide" newbie-scaring post. It turns out he did remember (after the CCC was disbanded and re-made in Gods months later, I asked him) but he never asked me to join...I was too shy to request it for myself. I remember the time warp. I was typing up a post for the one RP I have ever been in (I knew absolutely nothing about the topic or how to RP...silly little Tymaporer), and suddenly I got this weird error message that I'd never seen before. I clicked the back button and saved my post (it's gone now) and after about a minute, the forums came back. I never noticed the date it said (July 14...it was actually August 5.) I simply went back to post my thing on the RP, and upon noticing that it wasn't there, I posted a topic in SDIS (or Q&A, I can't remember) titled "HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hehehe...I was so young. I remember creating a second account under the name Venalina (that was when Venny was done being a girl) and Janie caught me after 10 posts...I did it because I was trying to remember what it was like to be a newbie. Seriously, that’s why. I remember around the holidays, everyone changed their names (I was .frostie555 O_o) and Jim was The Jimch. I wrote a song based off Jim’s new name called “You’re a Green One, Mr. Jimch”, and sent it to him. I think he liked it. I remember the second PPTbies. I really wanted to win something, and Bob had just left, so I made a fake screenshot of the admin-only board...it had three topics visible in that part of the “screenshot”. One was by SL, asking why the admin board needed a moderator. One was by Jim, saying that anyone who didn’t vote for me would have their account deleted. And the last one was by Bob, saying that he didn’t vote for me. (I almost got a strike for it.) Needless to say, I wasn’t even a top nominee in any category... I remember that April Fool’s Day stuff. Wibble. XD And there were the mod clones, and I started a line of “member clones”, and then there was...what else? It was so long ago. I remember my first anniversary, and how I posted an essay that I wrote for English class about PPT, and then how my birthday thread got almost no posts because my birthday was three days after my anniversary and everyone was wishing me happy early birthday on my anniversary thread. XP - Tymaporer

I remember back in the days, the Outkasts group was a little more hyper then usual... Then All of a sudden Ven posted a board something to the affect of "I've died.." or maybe something else, my mind is a bit fuzzy... anyway he changed his name to Venomous the Zombie, and eventually it caght on and everyone in the outkasts had changed their name to be something dead... I was Rontu back then, I became Spirit Rontu. This lasted for a month or so until it died out... such good times... - Nunaamr'e

OMG! Does anybody remember when Cyanna made the image of the Chia shooting a slorg out of a cannon? Or when Chrome made an April fools post saying she was a boy? - Fiddelysquat

I remember during the PPTBies one year, when Fiddelysquat and ChromeFox were both in the running for "Best Moderator," Fidds made an artificial report about all of the bad stuff Chrome had ever done, complete with a picture from UglyPeople.com of some woman who didn't have a chin. In response, someone completely uninvolved made a paint drawing of Fidds eating cat food. I completely forgot who won the race. -theonlysaneone

I remember looking at a thread when I first joined in the end of January 2003 and seeing a post by someone with a picture of a fridge full of beer with a message that said "Hey look, I found a picture of Wataguy's fridge!" And Wataguy's reply of "Hey, if you want a beer just ask, don't go snooping." or something like that, probably funnier then what I put but it was two and a half years ago! I remember Jim's mutant kacheek avatar too. I remember a thread about body mods and coming across a post by Fidds saying she had peircings from head to toes, my eyes were wide and mouth hanging open until I got to the part where she said "just kidding, you gullible little sap." Which of course now we know she really wasn't kidding. Cheeky Tongue She just veeeeery carefully edits them out of all her photos, how else do you explain the stark-raving gorgeousness? Foul play of course! Evil or Very Mad. I remember when Ven and Stephy where *the* PPT couple. All the guys had 'I stalk Stephy' in their sigs and all the girls swooned over Ven's hair. I remember when Fe signed up, she posted and posted and posted and posted. She had every other post in the 'person above you' game for a while. I remember thinking that Igg was a 20something, possibly in college. - Nessa

I remember when we were all Mod clones at April Fools-that was funny. And Rage's "Story with McDonalds toys" and my rip-off that I still have...I think... ~Robin

My favorite memory of all time is and will always be all the support and PM's I got when my dad was in a critical state in the ICU in a hospital 6 hours away. Everyone was and is very supportive. While my dad is still in ICU he's doing better. Sept. 18, 2006. - NeoPet_online/Adex

These were removed from the article because these are message comments, and articles of the NeoDex are not to be used as a message board. These are kept here for historical purposes. --Jacob 16:07, 11 Mar 2007 (CST)


According to an old version of the news page of subeta.org ([2]), PinkPT was affiliated with Subeta back in 2004. As of now, there are still "PPT"-items around on Subeta ([3]). Maybe someone who was on PPT back when this happened could add something regarding the affiliation to the article.--Demon 13:53, 10 May 2007 (CDT)

I'm sure Kym and other PinkPT vets would know more about this...i remember seeing items which looked like neopets items with PPT themes...but i didn't make the connection till now. Thanks for opening my eyes a little more. Tell us more Kym! :D --Jacob 17:34, 10 May 2007 (CDT)
Oh yes, PPT was affiliated with Subeta :) We did a cross-promotional thing :)--Yukio 20:29, 10 May 2007 (CDT)

Mr Insane & Orange Shirts

and the friendly Neopets programmer, Mr. Insane, who is often referred to as "that orange shirt guy".

Mr. InsaneTPOSG? --Macbeth 16:32, 29 Jul 2007 (UTC)

I may have mixed those two up by accident hmmm.--Kym 12:04, 30 Jul 2007 (UTC)

"Commercial" fansite?

The current intro states...
PinkPT (formally Pink Poogle Toy and PPT for short) is a commercial Neopets fansite which was founded by Kym Huynh and Alicia in February 2001.
This is different from a regular fansite? Can Kym explain? :o --Jacob 05:48, 1 Aug 2007 (UTC)
Hmmm that's a great question - I thought it sounded professional hehe *embarrassed grin* --Kym 06:17, 1 Aug 2007 (UTC)
It's not a monetary venture, it's not a commercial fansite... surely... --Macbeth 22:19, 1 Aug 2007 (UTC)

Making the page proper

Considering this is a page displaying the history and necessary info for the website hosting yon wiki, I have the wonder if it is up to par with how the hosts want it displayed. Something to consider in the future, should I ever get about to finishing up my "to do list" her on the NeoDex. Well, least I can do is modify the images and spell check the article in the now. :P --Jacob 04:23, 4 September 2010 (UTC)