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What do you think?

How does anyone think of Neopets 2.0? I think it is not letting me find anything! --AchyfiLover

The search bar is at the very bottom of every page on Neopets. --Jacob 03:10, 29 Jul 2007 (UTC)
Well, on nuggler's user lookup, there is currently no search bar at the bottom. :( Took me a long, long time to find the place where you name a NeoDeck you own. --AchyfiLover
That's because nuggler used coding which hides it. duh. --Jacob 03:17, 29 Jul 2007 (UTC)
Why would someone waste their user lookup coding on this? --AchyfiLover
To make the page look better? It's one of those things not forbidden to be hidden by one's user lookup coding. DreamingLady 10:36, 29 Jul 2007 (UTC)
HTML coding does this? Does anyone in here know how to put hobbies in yuor user lookup NOT from the drop down list like featheralley and dragona5 and all the other users? --AchyfiLover

No *starts long and boring explanation* HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) by itself can not hide anything. You have to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) or Javascript (which they won't allow us to use because you could grab the passwords of other users via it, so scratch that). The latter ones are so called "browser-interpreted languages", that means they are displayed by your browser (opposed to so called CGI-programms which will do stuff on the server and then send it to the client, to your browser in this case). You can choose to turn CSS or Javascript off, but that will prevent website from properly displaying and/or working. Anyway, via CSS you can modify objects which are already created via HTML, like positioning them, sizing them, and, you guessed it, hiding them. For further reading I suggest CSS, HTML, Client-server and maybe Object-oriented programming.
I do not know why I explain this here, nor do I know why the question was asked here. Let's just say I have had a long day.--Demon 21:21, 29 Jul 2007 (UTC)

Well, thanks from telling me this. I think I want to change it, I just need to learn CSS. --AchyfiLover
And from my understanding, changing the hobbies to user define hobbies doesn't use CSS, but Javascript instead. That javascript is not inserted into the "description" part of the user lookup - instead it is insert into the address bar of the user lookup edit page. --SwordFire 00:47, 30 Jul 2007 (UTC)
 :...o...kay. Thanks for the tip. --AchyfiLover